Carbodeon NanoDiamond coatingWorking with CCT Plating of Germany, Carbodeon says it has developed a new electroless nickel, PTFE and nanodiamond composite coating. By adding NanoDiamond particles to the EN-PTFE coating, the company claims it has been able to improve the abrasive wear resistance of these coatings without compromising the sliding or release properties.

Nanodiamond material consists of small, spherical diamond nanoparticles that are specially treated to make them disperse in coating liquids and carry a positive electrical charge on their surfaces. In the plating process, the diamond particles behave similarly to positively charged metal ions and together with the nickel and the PTFE material they co-deposit onto the component.

Target applications include: automotive components including engine parts, chassis parts and body mechanisms; plastics forming moulds including complex structures.