Atlas Copco low reaction toolsAtlas Copco says it has developed a range of ‘Low Reaction’ (LRT) handheld tools designed for assembly operations. The company claims this new line-up of battery and DC-powered tools has been developed to improve both operator ergonomics and factory optimisation.

Part of this development is the Transducer Battery Pulse (TBP) based tool that features a hydraulic pulse unit rather than gears and an oil-filled chamber, which it’s claimed enables higher torque of up to 55Nm to be applied with vibration levels below the minimum standard.

For applications involving hard joints, the company says the integration of its TurboTight torque management technology means that the tool, rather than the operator, absorbs the reaction force, improving user safety and comfort. Its TrueAngle technology uses a gyro signal to read operator movement, which the company claims increases the accuracy of angle readings and avoids common assembly problems such as damaged threads, re-hits and premature shut-offs.