US - The two millionth engine recently rolled out of the Cummins plant in Jamestown, New York. The facility is home to production of the company's IX15, ISX12, X12 and ISM11 diesel engines as well as the ISX12N natural gas engine.

"Jamestown Engine Plant (JEP) plays an important role in our company's ability to produce a broad range of engines for different customers around the world serving a wide variety of markets," said Brett Merritt, Cummins vice president on-highway engine business. "From the first engine built at the plant in 1981 to our innovative technologies today, which have reduced emissions by 98%, JEP provides engines that offer solutions that represent the strength of our company and the power, reliability and durability customers have come to expect with a Cummins heavy-duty engine. We will continue to invest in innovations in our diesel and natural gas products, and JEP will be important to Cummins, our customers and our OEM partners for many decades to come."

JEP is one of the company's largest manufacturing facilities, with around 1,700 employees working on site. In 2017, 14.7% of total engine production at Cummins was carried out at the plant.

Although Cummins remains bullish on its diesel engines for commercial vehicles, the company has also been investing in electrification like many others in the sector. It recently acquired Silicon Valley-based Efficient Drivetrains, Inc (EDI), which specialises in producing hybrid and fully electric power solutions.