awl-techniek2_ams-directory-2016The Netherlands-based laser-welding specialist is expanding its network of branches with a move into Mexico. With sites in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, China, and a strategic partnership with JR Automation in the US, AWL says it is responding to the "movement of the automobile branch towards Mexico" and meeting demands from several customers.

Brand van’t Hof, CEO at AWL, said: "The market developments in Mexico make it extremely attractive for large car manufacturers to establish themselves there. The automotive footprint there is large and is growing very fast. To give our customers local support, we have to establish ourselves there too."

AWL has appointed a special business development manager, former employee Arturo Ramirez, to focus on market developments in Mexico.

"With his roots in Mexico and previous experience with the AWL organization, we have killed two birds with one stone. Moreover, Ramirez has experience in the strategic development of global customer networks, something that will certainly help us there."

AWL is currently recruiting local personnel, such as robot programmers, welding specialists and PLC software engineers who will travel to The Netherlands for induction trainIng.