DMG MORIDMG MORI says it has introduced a mobile robotic cell, Called Robo2Go, to automate its CNC turning centres. The company says it will load raw billets from a tray and unload machined components automatically. The unit can be relocated by pallet truck to serve up to four different lathes sequentially on a shop floor.

It’s claimed the operation requires no specialist knowledge of robots, as graphics-based programming is via a Powertool app running directly in the company’s proprietary machine tool control interface, CELOS. All the operator has to do is enter the dimensions of the workpiece, select the chuck and gripper, choose one of the pre-defined workpiece tray arrangements and start the automatic process.

The robot is available with a maximum load capacity of 10kg, 20kg or 35kg. Workpiece diameter can be between 25 and 125mm and length is from 50 to 250mm. Workpiece tray weight capacity is 700kg.