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    Watch: Packing the power in battery system production


    Increasing EV battery output is essential to automotive electrification targets. Watch this AMS Automotive Evolution Livestream on-demand about ramping up the battery value chain, from raw material risk through to lithium-ion cell and battery module producton. Featuring experts from Scania, Verkor, S&P Global, Henkel and Recharge.

  • Javier Varela

    Volvo’s mega changemaker


    Javier Varela, senior vice-president of engineering and operations, is leading Volvo Cars’ industrial transformation, from platform engineering through to vehicle production. He explains key steps in the carmaker’s ramp up in EV and battery output, and how it will achieve ambitious sustainability targets

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    A future for fuel cells


    Hydrogen fuel cell technology is not a new development, and the use of these energy sources has, until recently, been in niche applications.  Now, though, fuel cells are beginning to find their way into real automotive use as a means of facilitating the goal of ‘zero emission’ vehicles with supporting investment of significant proportions

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    Whitepaper: The Automated Future of Material Removal


    Automating a deburring or surface finishing application is a smart, responsible, and effective way to improve a manufacturing process. Automating manual material removal and deburring tasks also helps improve employees’ health, combat manufacturing labor shortages, and increase product consistency and quality.

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    Megacasting: a chance to rethink body manufacturing


    The aluminium die-casting process could revolutionise body construction. Professor Wolfram Volk, the department head for forming technology and casting at the Technical University of Munich, explains the advantages and disadvantages of so-called ‘mega’- or ‘gigacasting’.

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    The die is cast for Volvo’s future EV production


    One of the key pillars of Volvo’s investment in electric vehicles will be the application of aluminium megacasting to produce large structural parts. Mikael Fermér, solution architect for vehicle platforms at Volvo Cars, explains the significance of this change for EV production.

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    Britishvolt and Glencore agree to expand battery recycling capacity in the UK


    Britishvolt has announced a joint venture with strategic partner Glencore to build a battery recycling ecosystem in the UK.

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    Automotive Evolution Summit


    Join us for three days of data insights, panel discussions, interviews, and debates on how to adapt and expand vehicle manufacturing to achieve aggressive electrification and sustainability standards while also making use of digital tools to achieve high levels of efficiency and quality. Featuring BMW, Polestar, Scania, Volvo Cars, Tata, ZF, Gestamp and many more.

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    The application of AI


    One company where the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is not futuristic or speculative, but a key element in real manufacturing development and application projects is Audi. 

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    Assistant Editor, Automotive Manufacturing Solutions


    London, UK We give our audiences a decisive edge. Who are we? Ultima Media is a lively and creative B2B media company serving the global automotive industry under a number of brands including - Car Design News, Automotive Logistics, Automotive Manufacturing ...

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    Britishvolt signs agreement with Lotus to expand battery cell production for electric sports car


    Britishvolt has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Lotus to advance lithium-ion battery cells and support the British EV car manufacturers brand targets and vehicle performance objectives.

  • ACC BDX EDIT copy

    Strategies for a European battery supply chain


    Battery manufacturing experts from ACC, Dräxlmeier and Rockwell Automation discuss the changes underway in the European battery supply chain, and what is needed to be done to secure production and supply for the automotive industry. 

  • Siemens Tecnomatix plant simulation

    ​Making the digital a reality: how AI and virtual reality are adapting automotive manufacturing to a changing world


    Automotive manufacturers are facing the challenge of constantly changing vehicles, technologies and parts. However, stakeholders can increasingly plan and implement systems faster using real-time manufacturing data, digital twin simulation and training through augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). 

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    Porsche: Inside the Macan paintshop


    During our recent AMS Livestream on developing and operating more sustainable, flexible paintshops, Henning Steinborn, head of paintshop and Klaus Koberg, who is head of paintshop Maintenance, both from Porsche’s Leipzig plant, offered some insights into how the premium vehicle maker has developed its paint operations

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    AMS Paintshop 2022 – Paint it Green


    In this edition we get insights into how OEMs are adapting and developing their paintshop operations and processes to meet the need for more efficient and sustainable production, as well as insight into scaling up battery production

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    Innovation drives paintshop performance at Skoda


    Just over two years after it opened, the new paintshop at Skoda’s Mladá Boleslav plant is fulfilling all the objectives set for it when it first went into operation. 

  • Volvo battery pack

    The leaders of the pack


    Producing battery enclosures and packs is an important part of EV assembly, and manufacturers are focused on better standardising and inspecting parts to improve automation and quality. Jason Dunn reports from the AMS Evolution Summit held online in December

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    An electric shock to the system


    Italvolt founder Lars Carlstrom has a mission to scale up EV battery production in Europe with a new factory in Italy – and a blueprint for scaling up gigafactory development. He speaks to Christopher Ludwig and Daniel Harrison   

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    AI data analytics for the paintshop


    The presence of any airborne dust in a paintshop always presents a challenge to creating a high-quality paint finish. Effective filtration is the most basic way to prevent contamination but for BMW that is not enough.  Mike Farish reports on how the OEM is using artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to develop better preventative measures