SkodaCzech Republic – With key themes of electromobility, autonomous driving and digitalisation, the memorandum between the government and the Association of Czech Automobile Industry (AutoSAP) has been hailed by Skoda, the main automotive manufacturer in the country and a member of AutoSAP. Skoda worked with other organisations to help shape the plan.

“With this future agreement, we are sending out a clear signal that we are working towards future mobility solutions,” said Bernhard Maier, Skoda’s CEO. “Together, politics, the Automobile Association and the economy are creating the prerequisites for the successful future of the Czech automotive industry with the promotion of digitalisation, electric cars, charging infrastructure and testing autonomous vehicles under real conditions.”

The three key themes align with the aims of Skoda’s own Strategy 2025, which defines electromobility, autonomous driving and digitalisation as “critical areas of action for the coming years”. The new agreement, which was first sketched out during a colloquium hosted by Skoda in February, contains 25 measures, the results of which will be assessed at the end of 2018.

In its statement welcoming the agreement, Skoda pointed out that the automotive industry contributes 9% to the gross national product of the country, accounts for 25% of exports and directly employs 400,000 people. The OEM itself made around two-thirds of the cars built in the Czech Republic this year.