Index MS40-8German turning machine builder, Index, says it has launched a second 8-spindle CNC multi-spindle automatic, designated MS40-8, that is capable of turn-milling components from bar up to 40mm diameter. CNC multis normally have six spindles. The two additional stations offer the manufacture of components of higher complexity in the short cycle times, claims the company.

For simpler parts the company says the machine can be used as a double 4-spindle auto, indexing the drum by 90° each time instead of 45° to produce two parts per cycle. The machine has up to 18 CNC cross slides (X and Z) and additional Y-axes as an option. The low-mass slides with hydrostatic support are wear-free and avoid stick-slip The MS40-8, which is also capable of chucking cast, forged or extruded parts up to 80mm in diameter, is suitable for high-volume production in the automotive industries says Index.