The OEM has invested €49m ($53.3m) in the Kvasiny plant, Czech Republic, for the advanced production of the new-generation Kodiaq, showcasing significant advancements in SUV manufacturing.


The latest Kodiaq, Škoda’s premier SUV model, embodies the company’s dedication to enhancing its product range with a focus on sustainability and efficiency

Škoda Auto has officially commenced the production of the all-new second-generation Kodiaq at its plant in Kvasiny, Czech Republic. This launch is a significant step in the company’s SUV campaign, which began with the first-generation Kodiaq in 2016. The new Kodiaq, a flagship SUV model, represents Škoda’s commitment to advancing its product offerings while emphasising sustainability and efficiency.

Investment in modernisation and capacity enhancement

A substantial investment of €49 million ($53.3 million) has been channelled into modernising and future-proofing the production line and welding shop at the Kvasiny plant.


The second-generation Kodiaq, unveiled in Berlin on October 4th, showcases Škoda’s advancements in design and technology

The measure simultaneously enhances the site’s manufacturing capabilities while preparing it for the production of the new Kodiaq iV, which features a plug-in hybrid drivetrain for the first time in the series.

Key enhancements in the production line include updates to manipulators, chassis assembly, conveyor technologies, and refined robot functions for applying window adhesives. These upgrades are vital for adapting to the evolving demands of automotive production and ensuring the efficient manufacturing of high-quality vehicles.

Production strategy and capacity reallocation

In a planned manoeuvre to increase the production capacity for its successful SUV models, Škoda Auto has relocated the production of the new-generation Superb from Kvasiny to Bratislava, Slovakia. The move has freed up significant capacity at the Kvasiny plant, allowing for the production of an additional 150,000 units annually of the Karoq and Kodiaq models. As a result, the plant is now equipped to produce up to 410 Kodiaqs per day.

The success and evolution of the Kodiaq

Since its world premiere in September 2016, the Škoda Kodiaq has achieved significant milestones, with over 870,000 units produced to date across various manufacturing facilities including the Czech Republic, Ukraine, China, and Russia. The model has been well-received in 60 markets globally and has garnered more than 40 prestigious international awards.

The second-generation Kodiaq, unveiled in Berlin on October 4th, showcases Škoda’s advancements in design and technology. It reflects the company’s emphasis on spaciousness and incorporates sustainable materials and innovative features like Škoda Smart Dials and the latest generation of LED matrix headlights.

Offering diverse powertrain options, including a plug-in hybrid variant, the recalibrations for the new Kodiaq fall into Škoda’s sustainability and efficiency efforts in automotive design and manufacturing.

Andreas Dick, Škoda Auto Board Member for Production and Logistics, commented: “It was with the Kodiaq that we began our SUV campaign back in 2016. The fact that this successful model is entering its second generation today is a very special event for the entire team. Countless hours have gone into the thorough preparations for the production launch.

“And by investing 49 million euros into modernising the manufacturing facilities, we have made a substantial contribution to future-proofing production at our Kvasiny plant. My heartfelt thanks go to everyone involved. Their expertise and dedication are the reasons we can now write the next chapter in the success story of our flagship SUV.”