The $1.3billion investment at the Kentucky will support assembly of an all-new, three row battery electric SUV for the US market


This project brings the plant’s total investment to nearly $10billion and also adds a battery pack assembly line to the facility, with batteries being supplied by Toyota Battery Manufacturing North Carolina.

“Today’s announcement reflects our commitment to vehicle electrification and further reinvesting in our US operations,” said Kerry Creech, president of Toyota Kentucky.

Toyota says it is also committed to investing in its operational communities, focusing on education and workforce development. This includes partnerships and support of 48 education and workforce training initiatives in 2023.

AMS reported that the OEM is planning on spending a total of $5.9billion on the lithium-ion battery plant in North Carolina, with $2.5billion of the investment going towards making it more sustainable, and $2.1billion towards new infrastructure to support future expansion

Since 2021, Toyota has announced new investments totalling $17 billion into its US manufacturing operations to support electrification efforts.