Automotive battery manufacturing and supply chain 2022: Risks, regulation and resiliency

Automotive Battery Supply Chain 2022_report

The latest AMS battery report forecasts production capacity, analyses suppliers and materials, and shows why OEMs and suppliers are forging new partnerships

The scale and scope of the battery value chain is tremendous and represents the largest shift in the value chain and in vehicle production for a century. With the manufacturing and supply landscape changing, carmakers are increasingly involved in new areas, from forming joint ventures with cell producers, to partnering directly with upstream material suppliers, energy providers as well as recycling companies. The semiconductor crisis has demonstrated the risk of keeping critical components at a remove – many carmakers do not want to make the same mistake in battery production.

The 2022 report provides concise, yet comprehensive overviews of the technologies, demand, regulatory, material and supply considerations that OEMs and suppliers need to consider when planning EV battery production and services. From raw materials to component manufacture to packs and final EV assembly, this 35-page report condenses value chain mapping through the sector with data on gigafactory numbers and location, forecasts on capacity and insights on material prices.

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  • Global light vehicle production forecast through 2035
  • Global lithium-ion battery demand and production forecast in GWh through 2030
  • Gigafactory plants by region
  • Battery material price information
  • Top 10 battery supplier production capacity
  • OEM and supplier agreements

This report provides analysis on battery manufacturing including:

  • Raw material mining and processing
  • Component manufacturing of anodes, cathodes and electrodes
  • Cell manufacturing
  • Pack and system integration
  • Electric vehicle assembly plants
  • Recycling

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