Watch: Strategies for Greener Production (EP.1)


This AMS Livestream Hour episode discusses how automotive manufacturers are making their plants and value chains more sustainable through new processes and technology, with special guests including Scania and ArcelorMittal. Watch and download slides.

Watch this AMS Livestream Hour for insights from automotive manufacturing experts and decisions makers on specific ways that they are reducing emissions, waste and energy in global production processes, as well as how they are adapting overall manufacturing and sourcing strategies to account for full lifecycle environmental impacts from sourcing to production and recycling. 

Featuring Scania’s head of Global Scania Production System (SPS) Office, Mathias Wijkström, who talks about how the truckmaker is accelerating its targets to reduce emissions and waste in production, how sustainability in manufacturing is playing a significant role in the company’s electrification strategy and its decision to build a new battery factory, as well as how Scania is adapting R&D and production to optimise the circular economy.

Hugo Da Gama Campos, who leads on sustainable development for flat products at ArcelorMittal Europe, shares how the company is implementing smart carbon plans to decarbonise steel production and is investing in more responsible steel processes, supporting automotive customers in their circular economy objectives.

Register or sign-in to watch the conversation, download slides and learn more about green manufacturing strategies, including:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions in production through renewable energy and efficiency 
  • Decarbonisation and waste reduction of key materials such as steel in production and recycling 
  • The importance of the circular economy and end-of-life processes for future manufacturing
  • Ensuring visibility of sustainable processes across the value chain in producing electric vehicles

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