Arno Güllering has been appointed Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Dräxlmaier Group, effective July 1, 2024, for which he will be responsible for the company’s production and logistics functions.

Arno Güllering

“With Arno Güllering, the management of the Dräxlmaier Group will be strengthened by a very experienced production manager” - Jan Reblin, CEO Dräxlmaier 

Seasoned automotive industry executive, Arno Güllering, is set to begin a new chapter in his distinguished career as Chief Operations Officer (COO) at the Dräxlmaier Group, effective July 1, 2024. The appointment is a key step for Güllering as well as for the renowned automotive supplier, as the automotive veteran joins the company’s Management Board in a crucial leadership role.

Güllering brings extensive experience and expertise cultivated over decades in the automotive sector. He earned a degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on energy technology from the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz, Germany, providing a solid foundation for his future success. His specialised knowledge has been invaluable throughout his career, enabling him to navigate the complex landscape of automotive manufacturing and operations. Before joining Dräxlmaier, Güllering served as Senior Vice President of Operations in the Electrified Powertrain Technology division at ZF, from October 2019. His tenure at ZF allowed him to refine his skills in managing large-scale operations and stay at the forefront of electrification trends in the automotive industry.

Güllering’s career is punctuated by influential roles at major automotive sector players. He spent over a decade at Schaeffler, holding various leadership positions, including President of the Business Unit Valve Train Engine Systems and Vice President of the Product Line Valve Train Components. These roles provided him with extensive experience in product development, manufacturing processes, and strategic management within the automotive supply chain.


Güllering speaking on smart factory innovations at APK 2024

Earlier in his career, Güllering demonstrated his versatility and international experience at Stabilus, serving as Managing Director of Stabilus Romania S.R.L. and holding positions in the United States and Brazil. This global exposure has equipped him with a broad perspective on international markets and diverse operational challenges.

Upon his appointment, Güllering expressed his enthusiasm for the new role, stating: “I’m really excited and looking forward to taking on this new role. I’m committed to giving all I can to the success of the Dräxlmaier Group, supporting its positioning as a system partner for premium automotive manufacturers.” Dräxlmaier’s leadership has welcomed Güllering’s appointment with optimism. CEO Jan Reblin commented: “With Arno Güllering, the management of the Dräxlmaier Group will be strengthened by a very experienced production manager. With him on board, we’re sure to continue along our successful path of operational excellence.” 

As COO, Güllering will oversee the production and logistics functions of the Dräxlmaier Group. His role will be crucial in ensuring the company’s operations remain efficient, innovative, and aligned with the shifting needs of premium automotive manufacturers. Given his extensive background in operations management and his experience with innovative technologies in the automotive sector, Güllering is well-positioned to lead Dräxlmaier’s operational strategies during an era of rapid technological advancement and changing market dynamics