The new partnership to track the provenance and CO2 emissions of the raw materials used in battery cells and production processes to prove responsible, sustainable, and ethical sourcing.

StoreDot pouch cells

Battery technology developer StoreDot says it is also concentrating its efforts on sustainable products and is partnering with Circulor on creating transparent battery supply chains to provide full traceability for global automotive manufacturers and support them in meeting regulatory requirements.

The two companies say they are now implementing Circulor’s traceability solution to follow upstream battery material production and the corresponding embedded carbon emissions. This information will give StoreDot transparency and will enable the company to make such information available to EV OEM customers and regulators who are requiring information regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts.

StoreDot has also joined the German government’s Battery Pass project as an associate member alongside Circulor. In April last year Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action formally launched its Battery Pass project with a consortium of eleven industry members.

This marked the start of a three-year, German-funded R&D project to develop core data specifications and technical standards for a ‘passport’, as well as a standardised dataspace to manage batteries that are manufactured or placed into service in the European Union.

This would support the EU’s proposed regulatory framework for batteries to secure the sustainability and competitiveness of battery value chains. The EU Commission proposes to introduce mandatory requirements on sustainability (such as carbon footprint rules, minimum recycled content, performance and durability criteria), safety and labelling for the marketing and introducing into service of batteries, and requirements for end-of-life management. The proposal also includes due diligence obligations for economic operators regarding the sourcing of raw materials.