TEVs will play a big part of the solution to the sustainability challenge, but the less than eco-friendly batteries that power them pose a specific problem. With over 12m tonnes of lithium-ion batteries expected to retire between now and 2030, our panel of experts, Jacqui Murray, Jason Muccioli and Sam Haig stress how important it is for manufacturers to step up to tackle this challenge of epic proportions.

  • What is current capacity, and what is needed to scale up to meet the recycling challenge?
  • What are the key issues in tackling safe battery disassembly?
  • How will the industry manage second life options for car batteries?
  • What is the role of car manufacturers in all this? (Designing batteries with recycling in mind, better access to components, welding innovations)
  • Regulation

Jacqui Murray, Deputy Challenge Director, Faraday Battery Challenge, UK Research and Innovation
Jason Muccioli, Manager, e-Mobility, Li-Cycle
Sam Haig, Battery Recycling Business Manager, RSBruce 

Hosted by Nick Holt, Editor, AMS

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