Lithium-ion battery gigafactory database 2022

Gigafactory database

Track electric vehicle lithium battery gigafactories by manufacturer, location, manufacturer, current and planned gigawatt (GWh) capacity.

As electric vehicle sales and production rise, capacity demand for lithium-ion battery cells is rising exponentially. Sign-in or register to download this database of current ‘gigafactory’ locations, as well as the many further battery cell plants that are currently in the pipeline for production. These include plants by major battery cell manufacturers, including LG Chem, SK Innovation, Panasonic, BYD, Samsung SDI and others, as well as emerging and startup players across the lithium-ion battery supply chain. 

As vehicle manufacturers scale up their plans for electric vehicles, many including Tesla, Volkswagen Group, General Motors, Ford, Geely and others are also investing and expanding their gigafactory footprints, whether through joint ventures with battery cell manufacturers, or through eventual in-house battery cell manufacturing. 

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