From assembly to modular production lines

Modular production ABB, Conductix, Panasonic

Automotive manufacturers need to manage more part variety and complexity than ever, which is why more are implementing autonomous logistics, cobots and other technology to support more flexible, modular concepts. Experts from ABB, Conductix-Wampler and Panasonic discuss the technology roadmap.

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Increases in flexible automation technology, including autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), collaborative robots (cobots) and greater connectivity in manufacturing, are offering OEMs and suppliers opportunities to adapt to more modular and flexible assembly processes, including cellular-based production. As carmakers produce more electrified powertrains, including EV, hybrid and plug-in hybrid alongside ICE vehicles, they will also need to manage a greater variety of part numbers and complexity in capacity, which will make such complexity even more important.

In this session, technology experts from automation specialist ABB, industrial internet of things leader Panasonic and energy supply and data management systems supplier Conductix-Wampfler share technology, logistics and strategies for implementing modular, connected and highly flexible production models.

Dominik Kübler, Global Business Development Manager Intralogistics, Conductix-Wampfler
Václav Švub, Global Digital Lead Business Line Automotive, ABB
René Wermke, Business Development Manager, Panasonic IIoT Solutions

Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief, AMS and Ultima Media

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