Battery manufacturers such as CATL, startup players, and OEMs are investing hugely to establish regional production of battery cells and packs in Europe, with gigafactories coming online. Producing EV batteries brings a range of new complexities, from access to renewable energy and materials and keeping up with chemistry changes in battery cells, to integrating battery enclosure structures in modules.

This session featured major battery producers and startups, manufacturers and specialists exploring the production strategies, constraints and opportunities in ramping up output of EV batteries, including in automation, supply chain, chemistries, materials and much more.

Matthias Zentgraf, President for Europe, CATL
Francisco Carranza, CEO, Basquevolt
Lars Carlstrom, Founder and CEO, Italvolt

Hosted by Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief, AMS and Ultima Media

The 1st Automotive Evolution Europe took place December 6-7 in Munich. See highlights, videos, photos and learn more information here.

The 2nd Automotive Evolution Europe will take place November 22-23, 2023 back in Munich, Germany.

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Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief
Ahmo Saric, senior content producer