The AMS Automotive Manufacturing Evolution Summit Live combined forward-looking visions of highly flexible, connected and zero carbon production, with insights on practical steps to improve visibility, quality management and cycle times. In many areas, transforming automotive production will happen through continuous improvement methods and rigorous quality control, building on existing skills and scale.

However, in other ways the industry will continue to face a revolution, not least as products change faster than ever, and manufacturers must manage through ongoing uncertainty. Legacy OEMs will face huge challenges in adapting facilities and becoming more agile. While startups will have to balancing their flexibility and innovation with scaling operations.

The team at AMS unpick the surprises, delights and lessons from the event – and look forward to an exciting 2022.

Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief, AMS and Ultima Media
Richard Logan, Senior Content Producer, AMS and Ultima Media
Nick Holt, Editor, AMS
Neemish Ladwa, Head of Product and Marketing, AMS and Ultima Media