As automotive manufacturers ramp up electric vehicle production, they must consider multiple plant layout, tooling and process considerations compared to internal combustion engines, including managing multiple powertrain types on the same production line. In this session, Scania’s Mathias Wijkström discusses how the Volkswagen Group-owned truckmaker is managing final assembly of an electric truck at its plant in Sodertalje, Sweden.

As with manufacturers of electric passenger vehicles, Scania need to balance its EV manufacturing strategy in parallel with ongoing ICE production, integrating different takt times, material use, IT systems and automation technology. But there are also special considerations in heavy good electric vehicles to consider, including the high degree of customisation per vehicles, exceptionally large and heavy batteries, as well as the current low volumes in relation to ICE trucks. Wijkström discussed strategies for how to manage these and other challenges, whilst maintaining quality and efficiency across total vehicle production.

Mathias Wijkström, Plant Manager, Scania
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Richard Logan, Senior Content Producer, AMS and Ultima Media 

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