ZF’s $200m investment will establish one of the most advanced automotive complexes in Mexico and will focusing on driving automotive developments through collaboration 

ZF, a global frontrunner in mobility technology, has officially inaugurated its high-tech automotive technology centre in Monterrey, Mexico. The facility incorporates an advanced manufacturing plant, a research and development centre dedicated to driving innovations in electric and autonomous mobility technologies, and corporate function hubs.

Situated within the FINSA Guadalupe Industrial Park and spanning over 43,294 Sq.m, the Monterrey campus emerges as one of Mexico’s most innovative and advanced automotive centres. Housing 16 state-of-the-art laboratories, ZF’s new automotive tech centre stands as an example of swiftly evolving innovations across regions and will lead the development of pioneering technologies for the automotive sector.


Opening ceremony of ZF’s automotive technology facility in Monterrey, Mexico

With a current workforce of 700 individuals, ZF anticipates bolstering its ranks to include a thousand employees by 2025, as ZFgears up to foster growth and innovation in the region.

Martin Fischer, President of ZF North America and esteemed member of the Board of Management, emphasised the strategic significance of the Monterrey campus, highlighting its pivotal role in driving innovation and technological advancements within the mobility industry on both regional and global scales.

“The centre is of utmost importance to our company regionally and globally, as it will allow us to drive innovation and the development of new technologies, helping us stay at the forefront of the mobility industry,” he said. “In addition, the hubs of corporate functions such as finance, IT, and HR operations, which are also part of this campus, are extremely relevant to guarantee the operation and efficiency of the company, since they serve various regions.”

Investing $200 million to foster automotive collaboration

The inauguration of the campus marks a significant milestone in ZF’s trajectory, representing a $200 million investment aimed at establishing one of the most advanced automotive complexes in Mexico.

Jorge Vazquez, Director of ZF Monterrey and ZF Mexico Research and Development

Jorge Vazquez, Director of ZF Monterrey and ZF Mexico Research and Development

Conceptualised under the innovative ‘Office 3.0’ framework, the facility was designed to foster collaboration and interdisciplinary work, cultivating an environment conducive to nurturing groundbreaking ideas and driving impactful innovations in automotive.

Iván Rivas, Secretary of Economy of Nuevo León, commended ZF’s investment, saying, “this investment is a win-win. First, because one thing is certain, that every dollar, peso or euro invested in our state is multiplied, and second, because here they will work on global projects, confirming that Nuevo León has established itself as a new world hub for technology and electromobility.”

It happened in Monterey: focusing on engineering, design and product development

The Monterrey campus is home to ZF’s Electronic Systems manufacturing plant, specialising in the production of smart cameras for Advanced Assisted Driving Systems (ADAS) and Integrated Brake Control systems. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the R&D centre hosts 16 laboratories dedicated to conducting comprehensive tests aimed at enhancing product reliability and performance.


Designed under ‘Office 3.0,’ the facility fosters collaboration for automotive innovations

The transformative initiative significant for Nuevo León’s industrial landscape, signalling a clear shift towards a knowledge-driven economy focused on pioneering engineering, design, and product development.

By fostering collaboration between industry stakeholders, universities and government entities, ZF Monterrey is expected to position Nuevo León as an important region for innovation in the mobility industry, and according to official releases, to provide for nurturing a vibrant ecosystem that drives sustainable and connected mobility solutions.

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“ZF Monterrey represents a crucial step on our path towards a more sustainable and connected mobility,” added Jorge Vazquez, Director of ZF Monterrey and R&D Mexico.

“With this campus, we are creating a unique ecosystem in Nuevo León that will drive innovation and the development of disruptive mobility technologies.”