Watch: Paint it green – more sustainable, flexible paintshops

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When it comes to the future of paintshop, green is the only colour going. This exclusive AMS Livestream features paintshop leaders from Porsche and Sames Kremlin sharing innovations in technology and collaborative approaches to maintain speed and quality whilst reducing energy and waste in automotive painting processes.

Carmakers are under complex, sometimes competing pressures in paintshop. Automotive OEMs and suppliers must adapt to higher customisation, variation and speed in vehicle painting and coating, while at the same time transitioning to more sustainable processes, including reducing energy use, paint waste and overspray, and maintaining accuracy and quality.

Today’s production disruptions, with the subsequent push to catchup on lost volumes, are putting even more emphasis on the need for speed and flexibility in paintshop. But OEMs cannot compromise on sustainability, from power sources to tooling equipment to chemical use.

Solutions are found in a range of products and technology, including advanced coatings and robotics, efficient drying and digital planning and operational tools, digital factory twins and high-speed image capture and processing.

In this AMS Livestream, automotive manufacturing experts from Porsche’s state-of-the-art paintshop in Leipzig share leading strategies for greener shades when it comes to paintshop – and key steps for implementing best-in-class, low emission and low overspray facilities. Head of paintshop Henning Steinborn and head of paintshop maintenance Klaus Koberg reveal details for the first time of the carmaker’s automated error detection system at its paintshop in Leipzig, as well as sharing insights and innovations on sustainable paintshop processes and technologies to improve maintenance for Macan and Panamera production.

The livestream also features experts from pump, spray and applications systems specialist, Sames Kremlin.

Watch this livestream and gain insight on:

  • Porsche’s new rock-meal filter system to reduce and collect overspray
  • Porsche’s automated error detection system
  • Strategies for reducing energy use in coating and drying applications
  • How digitalisation can support paintshop optimisation and sustainability
  • Key steps for a carbon-free paintshop


  • Henning Steinborn, Head of Paintshop, Leipzig Plant, Porsche
  • Klaus Koberg, Head of Paintshop Maintenance, Leipzig Plant, Porsche
  • Sébastien Salze, Automotive marketing manager, Sames Kremlin

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