Vitesco’s EMR3 axle drive will be integrated into the Honda CR-V e:FCEV and will be the first time this system has been used for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

Vitesco EMR3 axle drive

Vitesco says its EMR3 (Electronics, Motor Reducer, 3rd generation) axle drive can be used in the fuel cell vehicle without any significant modification, and it will also supply a bypass valve, which controls the air flow to and from the fuel cell stack. The company notes that the valve has been developed leveraging years of experience with airflow management in internal combustion engines.

The EMR3 axle drive integrates up to three system components in one unit: the electric motor, the power electronics and a reducer. For the Honda CR-V e:FCEV, Vitesco supplies a version with an electric motor and power electronics.

The EMR3 version for the CR-V e:FCEV (without a reducer) was jointly developed by experts in Europe, China and Japan, and the company says production of the EMR3 has already started at the factory at the Vitesco Technologies site in Tianjin, China.