Watch: Making it modular - vehicle production’s flexible future


Flexibility in automotive assembly is now a competitive advantage. This AMS livestream features leaders from automation experts Ewellix and Rockwell and AMS discussing innovations in modular production and how to improve assembly lines at brownfield and greenfield factories.

Updated April 27, 2022 with on-demand video.

Volatility and disruption in component supply; fast-changing market demand; increasing electric vehicle powertrains and growing model variety – automotive manufacturing needs to be extremely flexible to cope with fluctuations and uncertainty, as well as ensuring stability and predictability in lean manufacturing.

OEMs are achieving this flexibility through multiple changes in their production planning and systems, from prioritising vehicles by value or market, redesigning material flows, introducing advanced automation in vehicle assembly, as well as by adapting existing tooling to handle parts across more model and product types. Some manufacturers have been innovating with the use of more autonomous-driven production flows, creating modular workstations which receive different parts based on priority and availability, allowing maximum use of space and throughput rather than moving all products down the same linear assembly lines.


Sungwon Lee, Managing Director – South Korea, Global Product Development Manager – Flexible Solutions, Ewellix
Laurent Sanchez, Director Automotive, Ewellix
Christian Leitner Business Leader Future Mobility, Rockwell Automation
Nick Holt, Editor, Automotive Manufacturing Solutions
Hosted by Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief, AMS and Ultima Media

Watch this livestream to discover the latest innovations in modular production


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