Watch recording: Modernising Manufacturing Software Infrastructure with MQTT

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Discover how MQTT can be implemented into factory software infrastructure to drive efficiency in production processes with HiveMQ.

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Many manufacturing organizations are beginning the process of modernising their factory operations to achieve greater efficiency and flexibility. This modernization process requires a substantial upgrade of the existing software infrastructure.

A cornerstone of factory modernisation is the ability to break down the data silos that prevent a business from obtaining an accurate picture of their overall operation. Several factors favour the use of MQTT as the standard protocol for modernising the messaging infrastructure of a factory:

How does MQTT operate? 

  • It uses a publish/subscribe architecture
  • MQTT creates interoperability between the many different systems deployed in a factory
  • It Provides the bi-directional messaging that a scalable, reliable, and secure messaging system requires
  • It can easily integrate with existing security systems

Watch now  to learn more about the business drivers for modernising software infrastructure and how MQTT fits into the OT/IT architecture, as well as genuine case studies from multinational automobile manufacturers who have integrated MQTT-based systems into their infrastructure to improve production efficiency.


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Ian Skerrett, Head of Marketing at HiveMQ

With over 25 years of experience in the software industry and one of the top experts for creating Open Source Strategies for enterprise software products, Ian Skerrett is currently the Head of Marketing at HiveMQ.

He was instrumental in creating the Eclipse IoT open source community, a community of over 15 different open source projects that provide the building blocks developers require for building IoT solutions.  He is also a frequent speaker on IoT and MQTT.


Nick Holt, Editor, Automotive Manufacturing Solutions, Ultima Media

With over 20 years’ experience covering the automotive industry, Nick is responsible for editorial across Automotive Manufacturing Solutions. He has gained wide experience of automotive production operations, visiting OEM and tier supplier factories in Europe, India, China and the US.


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