Czech Republic - The company recently produced its millionth vehicle in 2018 alone, two weeks earlier than it hit the same milestone in 2017. It also marks the fifth consecutive year that Skoda has made over a million vehicles.

"The current financial year shows that a modern model range allows Skoda to tap into new customer segments in international markets in a sustainable way," suggested Michael Oeljeklaus, board member for production and logistics at Skoda. "In recent years, we have consistently increased our production and sales, and we are now surpassing the one-million mark for an impressive fifth time in a row. We’re going to continue our growth strategy in 2019. Here, an important role is going to be played by the new Skoda Scala – a vehicle in the high-volume A segment that we have added to our portfolio."

The millionth vehicle was a Fabia, and rolled off the line at company's Mladá Boleslav plant. It started making the latest version of the compact car at the plant in August 2018.

News of the milestone comes shortly after Skoda announced that it had made its 250,000th Kodiaq in 2018. It has also recently celebrated production of 1m SUVs.