India’s manufacturing evolution: competitive, agile and frugal

Mahesh Babu, Switch, Vinnie Mehta, ACMA, Pankaj Sonalkar, Mahindra

The country has been hit hard by the pandemic and disruption, but automotive manufacturing is roaring again and leaders from Mahindra, Switch Mobility and the Indian automotive supplier association, ACMA, explain what the industry needs to do to stay competitive

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India is a vibrant market with a rich automotive manufacturing and supply chain. It has seen challenges in recent years, with regulatory and tax changes before the pandemic, and was then hit hard by Covid lockdowns and supply chain disruptions. Now, manufacturers are highly focused on developing more resilient, efficient and advanced production that will help meet electrification goals, leverage digital innovation and data across operations.

In this session, three of India’s most influential automotive manufacturing and supplier leaders – Pankaj Sonalkar, who leads the electrification technology centre at Mahindra & Mahindra, Mahesh Babu, who leads commercial EV player Switch Mobility in India, and Vinnie Metha, from the Indian automotive supplier association ACMA – talk strategically about the country’s manufacturing progress, difficulties and what it needs to do to remain competitive both in a changing domestic market, and on the global stage.

They explore how Indian manufacturers should use their technical and software expertise, as well as maintain their edge in efficiency and frugality.

Mahesh Babu
, Chief Operating Officer and CEO India, Switch Mobility
Pankaj Sonalkar, Chief of Electric Vehicle Technology Centre, Mahindra & Mahindra
Vinnie Mehta, Director General, ACMA

Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief, AMS and Ultima Media

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