Watch: SaaS Solutions for the Automotive Industry: Unlock Smart Manufacturing for a Quick ROI


Learn about the future of automotive manufacturing technology and the role that SaaS is playing now and will play in the years to come.


Learn about the future of automotive manufacturing technology and the role that SaaS is playing now and will play in the years to come.

While “Digital Transformation” is a popular topic across all industries, hear from experts about what this change means for manufacturing as a “business transformation” – adapting your organization for the future by preparing your people and processes now.

The presenters also share a case study from a recent cloud-based MES adoption and implementation.


In this session from Rockwell Automation we learn:

• How a cloud-native smart manufacturing platform can improve execution, supply chain visibility, and quality management

• The best way to get a quick ROI with a cloud-based MES

• How Auria, the world’s second largest supplier of automotive acoustic and other fiber-based products, gains efficiency and achieves independence through remote implementation during a pandemic


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Petr Havelka, VP Plex EMEA Business Operations, Rockwell Automation


A VP of Plex EMEA Operations for Rockwell Automation, Petr Havelka is responsible for regional the company’s customer base and driving cross-company initiatives to bring the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform to more global manufacturers. With more than 25 years of experience in IT services focused on driving customer success and delivery and adoption of SaaS Cloud enterprise software solutions he possesses deep expertise in building and managing digital transformation programs for global customers across industries.



Ben Stewart

Ben Stewart, Global Product Manager, Rockwell Automation


Ben Stewart is VP of Product Strategy at Plex Systems and author of MES for Dummies. A 25-year veteran in manufacturing IT, he has supported a wide variety of MES and ERP solutions in tier 1 automotive and industrial manufacturing companies implementing over 50 plants in 17 countries.




Dominique Scheider, Industry Strategy Manager, Rockwell Automation


Dominique Scheider is the Transportation Industry Strategy & Marketing Manager in EMEA. In this role, he is responsible for defining the Rockwell Automation strategy for the transportation industry in EMEA, including automotive and tire, aerospace, marine and infrastructure business. 





Tim Böhm, European Application Manager, Auria







Nick Holt, Editor, Automotive Manufacturing Solutions, Ultima Media

With over 20 years’ experience covering the automotive industry, Nick is responsible for editorial across Automotive Manufacturing Solutions. He has gained wide experience of automotive production operations, visiting OEM and tier supplier factories in Europe, India, China and the US.