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Do you want to save 20% on capital expenditures, 10% on floor space, and boost flexibility while lowering headcount and lowering your carbon footprint? You do, of course! Discover how you can achieve this using Magswitch Technology, where they will utilise real-life examples to detail the enablers for achieving tomorrow’s goals–today.

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Sign in to watch brand-new webinar in partnership with Magswitch who delves into the drivers and challenges in adapting to flexible and modular manufacturing and preview the exclusive world premiere of the new Magswitch “surface adopting technology” innovation.

With shorter product cycles, customers demanding more bespoke vehicles and a growing shift away from gas-powered cars to electric or hybrid alternatives, the need for flexibility on the production line has never been more important.

While the body shop has often been the most advanced in terms of robotization and automation that have boosted productivity and efficiency, new trends in the automotive market demand even more innovation.

Join this webinar to discover a range of fundamental topics in BIW to include:

1. Current challenges in BIW, such as rising demand and expenses, expensive tooling, budget constraints, and limited floor capacity.

2. Learn how to cut energy costs and outputs by reducing part quantities, using high-strength steels, using aluminum materials and more.

3. Consider how the ‘Magwitch Method’ has proven to be effective as a large-scale tech manufacturing solution for transforming how things are done.

4. The exclusive world premiere of the new Magswitch “surface adopting technology”.

Since their introduction to the automotive sector, Magswitch Products have been integrated and tested in a variety of applications – both offline and in real-time production tests. Their ‘surface adopting technology’, as one of the first of its kind, has proven to be a solution focused technology that opens up new options in production by improving flexibility, sustainability, quality, and throughput while enabling cost efficiency.

Discover how Magwitch’s innovations have added new enablers to manufacturing processes and see how you can save 20% on your capital investment, 10 % on floor space and weeks on engineering time.

Watch our recording today to explore how you can drive your business forward in a cost effective, methodical and sustainable way by registering for this webinar now. 


Cengiz Kizilkan, President Global Sales Automation & Executive Director Europe, Magswitch 

Cengiz has been working with Magswitch Technologies since 2012 and established the European subsidiary end of 2013. He is in charge of Global Automotive Sales and simultaneously covers the position of Executive Director Europe. Starting his career as a Proposal Engineer and gathering a lot of experience in the area of body-in-white manufacturing, he has over 20 years experience in the industry, including assignments in China and the US within supplier and OEM organisations. He now is focusing on revolutionising the conventional methods of automotive manufacturing using single sided Magswitch clamping technologies combined with new and innovative concepts to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the industry.



Nick Holt, Editor, Automotive Manufacturing Solutions, Ultima Media

With over 20 years’ experience covering the automotive industry, Nick is responsible for editorial across Automotive Manufacturing Solutions. He has gained wide experience of automotive production operations, visiting OEM and tier supplier factories in Europe, India, China and the US.


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