Whitepaper: Revolutionary 1-Step UV LED Cure Adhesive for Automotive ADAS Cameras


LOCTITE® ABLESTIK NCA 01UV: the innovative 1-step UV LED cure adhesive for precise active alignment of optical components with six degrees of freedom, provides stable and reliable bonds to various substrates while reducing processing time, energy consumption and CO2 footprint.

Manufacturers of high-quality ADAS camera modules use active alignment assembly processes and advanced adhesives to achieve precision optical alignment, superior camera focus and high-resolution images to enhance the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

ADAS camera modules perform vital safety functions by providing a full 360-degree camera view around the vehicle and sending image data to a central processing unit that provides feedback to the driver and vehicle control systems. Warning signals alert the driver to potential hazards in the driving environment and provide critical information to vehicle control systems designed to assist with braking and steering for collision avoidance automatically.

ADAS camera module assemblies can only tolerate minuscule changes in the positions of their optical components. The adhesive used to align the lens and lens barrel to the optical sensor plays a major role in meeting the precise positioning requirements and ensuring optimal focus and light transmission.

LOCTITE® ABLESTIK NCA 01UV, an innovative 1-step UV LED cure adhesive, provides high dimensional stability and long-term reliability, making it suitable for precise active alignment of optical components with up to six degrees of freedom and with an accuracy of 100 nanometers. It achieves full crosslinked performance after only a few seconds of UV LED irradiation, eliminating the need for the traditional secondary thermal post-cure process. With no post-cure required, the potential for thermal stress build-up is diminished while cycle times, capital expenditures and energy consumption are significantly reduced.

LOCTITE® ABLESTIK NCA 01UV is an automotive grade adhesive that bonds well to a variety of substrates, exhibits low and consistent shrinkage, has a high glass transition temperature, low CTE, is antimony-free and EU REACH compliant. Moreover, it offers a more sustainable production process by significantly reducing active alignment processes’ energy requirements and CO2 footprint compared to traditional active alignment adhesives.

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