AMS Chief Content Officer Christopher Ludwig was in Leipzig last week at the annual Fabrik des Jahres, the Factory of the Year Awards, where he had the opportunity to sit down with Santiago Jurado, chief quality officer at Compas, which was the winner in the category for site transformation. Compas is a joint venture in Aguascalientes, Mexico, producing vehicles for Mercedes-Benz and for Nissan’s premium brand, Infiniti.


Santiago Jurado, chief quality officer at Compas

He explains how the company manages extreme complexity across the different brands, multiple vehicle architectures, six body types and more than 5,600 part numbers, all on one assembly line.

From having quality issues in 2019, the plant has since transformed its quality processes and has one the top quality ratings for each brand worldwide.

The Factory of the Year awards are in cooperation with Kearney, Produktion and SVV, the latter two, sister companies of AMS. More information on the full set of winners and other insights can be found at Produktion and 


Factory Of The Year Awards 2024

Factory of the Year Awards 2024

The Factory of the Year is one of the most renowned industrial competitions in Europe. The winners are honoured every year at the congress of the same name.

The congress took place on March 14th and 15th, 2024. For the full list of winners and more info and insights, click here.