Peugeot Citroën has awarded Dürr an ‘Industrial Equipment Performance Award’ for its EcoDryScrubber paint booth system, used at the car maker’s plant in Sochaux, France. EcoDryScrubber enables separation without the use of water or chemicals, generates energy savings of 60%, and cuts paint particle and CO2 emissions. It can operate with 95% recirculated air and a 35% smaller cross-section.

“Peugeot Sochaux takes a holistic view of the reliability of the paint booth,” commented Christophe Gruat, Paint Department manager at Peugeot. “This is what the EcoDryScrubber stands for. It not only offers energy savings but also high availability, ease of use and maintenance, and low operating costs.”

Dirk Gorges, senior vice-president of Dürr, remarked that the company is “delighted” with the success of EcoDryScrubber, which he said has “achieved very high market penetration in a very short time”. The system has been installed on 66 painting lines worldwide.