Mercedes-Benz CLS, 2017Netherlands - The supplier has announced that its Surfalex aluminium is being used in the Mercedes-Benz CLS, which went on sale in March 2018. The material is used for outer trunk lid panels and fenders.

"Constellium is proud to contribute to the new Mercedes-Benz CLS with our Surfalex® aluminium solutions," explained Dieter Höll, Constellium’s vice president global automotive. "This new programme reflects the strong relationship established over the years with our customer as we deliver aluminium solutions to all main Mercedes-Benz auto lines. Our commitment to innovation enables us to develop new alloys and solutions from the original model design phase to the start of production."

According to Constellium, Surfalex has high surface quality and specific hemming and roping properties that make it suitable for closure parts. It is also used for the hood outer and tailgate outer in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

The company has witnessed growing demand for its aluminium products in automotive applications. As a result, it recently opened a new plant in Mexico.