What visitors to EuroMold 2013 can expect at the mould-making and tooling expo in Frankfurt this December

As the world trade fair for mould-making and tooling design and development, EuroMold brings together buyers, suppliers and process experts from all parts of the globe. This year’s show marks the 20th anniversary of the event and organiser DEMAT is seeking to tap into the growing demand for complete solutions in the market.

Exhibitors seeking automotive connections

  • Autodesk (Hall 11.0, Stand E13) will present its latest design software tools
  • Aicon 3D Systems (8.0, C90) will showcase its new portable measuring system, MoveInspect XR, which has been developed to apply the company’s modular MoveInspect Technology to large devices or vehicle components
  • Artec (11.0, E05) will present its L and MHT scanners, which are already in use by Hyundai and Porsche
  • Borsi (9.0, D72) will showcase its specialism in the moulding and fi nishing of plastic elements for the automotive industry, illuminated signs and POS displays

  • Breuckmann (8.0, C90) will come to the show with texture mapping for 3D data features, a new add-on module for its high-performance measuring and evaluation software, OPTOCAT
  • DRT, Mould & Arts (8.0, G07) will welcome visitors to see its product portfolio and fi nd out more about its R&D and production capabilities
  • GOM (8.0, H70/ 11.0 C45) will exhibit its new ATOS Core, an optical 3D scanner for the measurement and inspection of small parts
  • Knarr Vertriebs (8.0, K10) will present a selection of its specialist mould constructions and measuring technology
  • Millutensil (8.0, D89) will show off its tilting table design which permits a mould to be presented in positions 0° and 180°. The innovation in the operation of bicomponent and bi-colour type moulds is used, for example, in car headlight assembly
  • Necumer (11.0, C29) will exhibit Necuron 690, a light block material with a temperature resistance of 105°C which is designed for making prototype tools and for applications requiring a low coeffi cient of thermal expansion
  • Promod Prototypenzentrum (11.0, B90), a rapid product development specialist, will present pressure-moulded parts manufactured using steel tools as pouring moulds
  • Rocand (8.0, C68), based in Quebec, will showcase its expertise in designing and manufacturing extrusion-blow and high-tech injection moulds for the automotive and electronic systems industries
  • Steel producer SSAB EMEA (8.0, H09) will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Club Toolox. This distributor partner network comprises 28 companies in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, each working with SSAB’s pre-hardened engineering and tool steel which is optimised for machining
  • Uddeholm (8.0, F49), the Swedish tool steel specialist, will be exhibiting it latest tool steel solutions
  • Wehl & Partner (11.0, D122) will present capabilities such as prototype tool making, prototype injection moulding, EDM, 3D-printing and stereolithography which have led the company to work with the likes of Porsche, Daimler and Bosch
  • Werth Messtechnik (9.0 B19) will demonstrate its new, patent-pending method for varying focus, Werth 3D Patch, which is available for all machines with image processing sensors. The solution makes it possible to measure topographies over an extended dynamic range.

Around 55,000 trade visitors from more than 90 countries are expected through the doors of Messe Frankfurt from December 3-6 and automotive is a key sector for many of the anticipated 1,100 exhibitors. To date, one third of booked exhibitors can claim supply and process chain connections with the automotive industry, encompassing areas of expertise from 3D scanning to lightweight construction, rotation moulding, thermoforming and engineering services.

The programme for 2013

Every year, EuroMold nominates a partner country and this time centre stage will be taken by Italy, which was the second largest exhibiting country in 2012 (China being the largest). Organisers have looked primarily to Italian designers and product developers to present their ideas and services; however, there are a number of other themes on the programme and attendees can expect to see a multitude of innovations, new solutions and products stretching across the process chain from design through prototyping to series production.

In Hall 8.0, there will be a dedicated space for lightweight construction, hybrid technology and hydroforming. Furthermore, included in the programme on December 4 is a forum on tooling and mould-making for composite applications organised by AG Werkzeug und Formenbau des Carbon Composites.

Meanwhile, Hall 9.0 will exhibit technology and applications for engineering thermoplastic moulded parts, with a focus on brand new ways of thermoforming.

Hall 11.0 will become the House of Creation, showcasing sectors including design and engineering, materials and rapid prototyping.

Elsewhere, Design Talents will highlight the creativity of students and new professionals, who will be looking to establish contacts or secure job opportunities.

In addition, VDI/NCG guidelines will be explored with live evaluations of test pieces presented to visitors. The evaluations will be based on seven criteria developed by the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and production technology specialists, the NC Society.

Meanwhile, a special Simulation and VR exhibition and forum will emphasise the potential value of virtual reality to process chains and product development.

Also on the programme is EuroMold’s annual award for product development; a retrospective exhibit will feature past winners.

Exhibitors with automotive interests

One EuroMold exhibitor with automotive connections is Artec, provider of scanner applications to Hyundai and Porsche. “Automotive production is one of our target industries”, says Artec’s Luba Bordaeva. “We have a lot of car manufacturers that employ our scanners for different needs. In addition to this, we would like to discover new applications in this industry. We are looking for clients in the automotive design sphere, including exterior, interior and car part composition.”

EuroMold 2013 will be open at Messe Frankfurt from December 3-6, between 9am and 6pm daily. For additional information visit www.euromold.com