Look to the future, it’s only just begun 

With absolutely no apologies for quoting Slade, AMS Editor Nick Holt and AMS Deputy Editor Gareth Price see this Christmas as the ideal time to look back at a selection of topics featured in AMS magazine during 2018.

But this is no nostalgia trip as the past 12 months have given us ample opportunity to see how automotive manufacturing is shaping up for future demands.

Nick talks about his visit to the BMW C Evolution electric scooter assembly plant in Berlin and recalls some of the material science advances being explored by Covestro.

Gareth talks about his visit to the historic Rouge Center, part of Ford real estate for more than a century but a truck plant shaped for modern times.

We also look at how Industry 4.0 techniques such as 3D printing and wearable tech is continuing to change the landscape of automotive manufacturing around the world.

AMS Podcast Episode 03 is produced and presented by the AMS editorial team - Nick Holt, Gareth Price and Michael Nash.

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