• Honda starts production of fuel cell electric vehicles in the US

  • ACC halts construction of two European gigafactories

  • US government sues Hyundai, suppliers in Alabama over alleged child labour

  • Volkswagen announces new affordable European EV

  • Exclusive: BMW Group improves efficiency with additive manufacturing gripper

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HORSE announces next-generation Range Extender powertrains


HORSE is ramping up its powertrain production effciencies with range extenders delivering a 200km pure-electric range, and more…


GKN Automotive reduces direct CO2e emissions in 2023


GKN Automotive has published its second sustainability report, revealing a 10.5% reduction in CO2e emissions in 2023.


Stellantis marks 60 years of vehicle production at Ellesmere Port


Stellantis’ Ellesmere Port plant is celebrating 60 years since starting production operations, beginning with the Vauxhall Viva

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A question of sustainable steel: issues of definition, recycling & cost


The 2024 Sustainable Steel Automotive Webinar explores challenges steel adoption, focusing on the importance of terminology, recycling and cost barriers.

Honda CR-V e-FCEV

Honda starts production of fuel cell electric vehicles in the US


The 2025 CR-V e:FCEV fuel cell electric vehicle is now being produced at Honda’s Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio.

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