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Corrosion is a key challenge automotive manufacturers face; and door hinges are most at risk. Learn how you can stop corrosion and red rust from affecting door hinges in this free white paper by Saint-Gobain

Rain, salt water and other extreme weather conditions test all parts of the automotive exterior. One of the most vulnerable areas are car door hinges. This is especially true if the hinges are unpainted, in which case additional protection is required.

Realising the impact of this seemingly small part to make a big difference, Saint-Gobain created a simple but effective solution. The especially designed NORGLIDE Hinge Bearing has a steel backing layer that is clad in aluminium. The combination, as outlined in the free white paper, creates a unique hinge assembly: it can survive salt spray chamber testing for over 1,000 hours with no red rust, resulting in a hinge torque that will stay within the typical OEM specifications for the entire life of the vehicle.

For painted assemblies the e-painting process is more efficient if you paint the entire car body in white with the hinges and doors pre-assembled. However, this approach can lead to paint coating moving parts, which will then flake away when the parts are moved, exposing the metal to corrosive elements. By using an elegant approach, Saint-Gobain’s NORGLIDE Bearings eliminate the paint bridges that usually emerge after painting an assembly. This alternative allows for current to only target specific areas, eliminating paint bridges and saving manufacturers valuable time on paint rework.

Download this white paper for free to learn more about stopping corrosion long before it starts, simply by choosing the right hinge assembly. Over the long term, this will also safeguard your brand as red rust in new cars can ruin even the best reputation, built over decades.

Avoid this risk by keeping corrosion resistance in mind and stay a step ahead of the competition by increasing your knowledge with Saint-Gobain’s free white paper. At the end of the day, car buyers should not need to worry about car hinges and corrosion – as long as auto manufacturers take the necessary steps to protect their products, and brand reputation, from the very beginning. For the car buyer of the future, red rust might soon truly become a thing of the past.