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  • LEVC plant quality and operations director Mofid Elkemiri copy

    Mofid Elkemiri, LEVC manufacturing operations and quality director


    LEVC’s  Mofid Elkemiri was recruited to the Geely-owned company back in 2016 as launch director for the TX5 electric taxi. Prior to that he spent six years at UK-based trim supplier CAB Automotive, where he rose to the position of engineering and quality director. AMS speaks to him about his current role, ramping up production, battery cell supply and the relationship with the parent company. But first, we ask how the factory has been affected by the recent coronavirus measures and the suspension of production…

  • Testworld 5

    Investing in testing: better scrutiny for complex new vehicles


    Rigorous testing of new vehicles, systems and components has become more important as complexity of the products increases and pressure to reduce time to market grows. AMS visits Test World in Finland to see some of the developments introduced to meet this demand…

  • Schuler Visual Die Monitoring

    Do or die: quality and precision begins with the toolmaking


    Mould and die manufacturers reveal the latest solutions deployed to ensure quality control remains paramount

  • Quality test WMG  robot_33

    Measure for measure: as vehicle tech advances, so do the test methods


    To improve vehicle and component quality, and reduce time to market for new models, testing technologies need to be smarter and faster

  • Siemens PCB project

    Switched on to the data age


    Siemens explains why new smart automotive factories are presenting huge opportunity to electronics component suppliers

  • Martin Hofman_VW

    At the centre of change for Volkswagen Group


    Martin Hofmann, chief information office of the Volkswagen Group (pictured, right), explains how the carmaker is transforming its IT system backbone and legacy infrastructure across manufacturing, purchasing, supply chain and engineering – and how Volkswagen is now able to attract top software talent.

  • Nexen Tire Zatec

    Nexen Tire opens new plant in Zatec


    Czech Republic - The new Nexen Tire facility includes an automated quality system that identifies defects before they are made

  • BMW engine assembly training

    Quick learners


    From training, quality and work station design, OEMs are seeing a host of applications that can benefit from virtual and augmented reality technology

  • Valmet battery test Germany

    Valmet starts building battery test centre


    Germany - Valmet is upping its game in the battery field for electric vehicles

  • Laser Radar inline automotive inspection

    Estimating the true cost of metrology in automotive BIW laser radar as part of quality 4.0


    Quality 4.0 is a new vision for quality following the lead of the Industry 4.0 concept. Automotive production relies on quality to upkeep an automaker’s brand image within its customer base. In the production process, suboptimal dimensional quality can lengthen lead times and cause cost overruns ...

  • ABB-stampapp-user-interface

    Pressing matters


    Our vehicles have all faced hazards at one time or another, from potholes in the road to rocks or broken glass. But what about protection when the hazards are ballistic threats to the safety of civil servants or service men and women? As a specialist for custom automobile protection ...

  • Nextsense

    Assembly line automation


    Nextsense says its Calipri systems can be used to monitor the process of car assembly from body-in-white to end-of-line final assembly. The company claims its fully automatic C12 cobot systems allows human workers and robots to work side by side in a continuous production line – without separation, mechanical barriers ...


    PSA's Poissy plant to add model


    France - Groupe PSA has revealed that it will start making the new Opel/Vauxhall B-SUV at its Poissy plant, which is located about an hour north west of the French capital Paris. As a result, the facility will become the first to assemble a vehicle based on the company s ...

  • On a twinning streak

    On a twinning streak


    Creating a digital twin of manufacturing operations can deliver development and efficiency benefits. Mike Farish reports 

  • Siemens digital machining

    At the leading edge


    Steed Webzell looks at edge computing and the hardware requirements for those looking to digitally monitor, measure or control their machining operations Certain terms surrounding digitisation have become pretty familiar over the past 5-10 years: Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 (I4.0), edge computing, big data, smart factory, artificial intelligence ...

  • BMW-adhesive-on-windows

    Augmented assistance


    Visit any car manufacturing plant in the world and the majority of production equipment will be similar. The real differences between factories are the human workers and the way in which technology is used to optimise their environment

  • IAC-Halewood-AGV-cockpit-assembly-line

    Paneles de instrumentos guiados


    a La planta de IAC cerca de Liverpool sustituye la linea de grúas por una flota de vehículos autónomos guiados (AGV) para obtener una mayor flexibilidad a su proceso de ensamblado de paneles de instrumentos Más sobre vehículos autónomos Los vehículos automatizados se abren paso ...

  • Groupe PSA Tremery engine production

    PSA juggles engines and motors


    Engine manufacturing facilities around the world are changing. Pressure from governments and changes to legislation are pushing carmakers to develop new internal combustion engines (ICEs), the production of which often requires new assembly lines and equipment. More of these facilities are also starting ...

  • Toyota Supra interior

    Magna to make new Toyota Supra


    Austria - Magna has announced that it will build the new Toyota Supra at its facility in Graz, Austria. The car was first revealed at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), and is expected to enter production in early 2019. As well as assembling the Supra, Magna ...

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    从龙门线到自动导引车队,利物浦附近的IAC 工厂在仪表盘装配程序中实现了快速、智能的适应。 More on AGVs AGVs find their way MAN Salzgitter IAC是一家专业生产汽车内饰件的公司,业务遍及全球所有汽车制造市场。但它的生产线位于默西塞德郡的哈雷伍德(Halewood),向邻近的捷豹路虎工厂运送内部部件。捷豹路虎工厂正在试用IAC最新的工业4.0技术。为路虎揽胜极光(Range Rover Evoque)和路虎发现运动(Land Rover Discovery Sport)装配仪表板模块,工厂的接近性和测序意味着,每个模块可以在离开装配线后3小时内与目标车辆结合。它现在拥有42辆自动导向车辆,形成了一个灵活的,JIT,座舱线-一个有价值的升级前固定,钢架旋转木马-配备交付令人难以置信的400万座舱变种的Evoque和探索运动。 灵活性新局面 正如IAC Europe的总统的乔纳斯尼尔森(Jonas Nilsson)所解释的那样,当满足原始设备制造商的需求时,这种新的通用性是至关重要的,尤其是在以定制选项广泛而自豪的高端市场。 “产品周期从10年到现在可能是6、7年——但也有中年更新、整容和许多新技术,原始设备制造商希望马上进入。” 对于Halewood之前的静态钢制生产线,可能需要3到6个月的时间来进行调整,尼尔森补充说:“我们不得不等到暑假或冬季停工后才会进行调整。现在只需要一个周末。” IAC将Halewood视为测试其其他新工业4.0和智能工厂流程的试点。切换到基于agv的装配线是一个关键的出发点。 工厂经理特雷弗华纳(Trevor Warner)描述了从2017年底开始过渡的谨慎做法:“工厂的建筑面积是空的,已经清理完毕,准备开始安装。”我们让(装配工人)来这里做第一次简报。虽然我们没有一个单位给他们看,但在他们去圣诞节之前,我想让他们牢牢记住,世界将会不同。我们有一些视频要展示,并就行为问题、数据系统以及它如何不仅仅是一条新生产线,而是我们正在经历的整个概念进行了简要介绍。” IAC希望这些改变将使它比它们所取代的昂贵的永久装置具有更大的灵活性和效率 华纳的首要任务是在整个过程中保持与流水线操作员团队的沟通,让他们充分了解2018年将会发生什么。安装工作在2017年圣诞节期间进行,从前期排练开始,制作工作在2018年前六个月加快了运营速度。随着Evoque的替代者定于2018年底开拍,华纳决定不再同时推出两款产品。 “我们不会在新生产线上推出新产品。那是绝望,太可怕了。对于大型资本项目,我们必须在时机上果断。在使用当前模型时,有许多错误需要消除。一旦你这样做了,换上一个新的,就像从木头上掉下来一样。容易。” 华纳表示,为第一代新一代Evoque的诞生做准备,是让转型走上正轨的动力。如果IAC需要使线路更长或更短,任务来比旧的钢龙门容易得多。 旧的生产线是用固定的工具安装在龙门上的。实际上,我们已经把它做得比上一个更大了,这样我们就可以把人放进去,然后再把他们拿出来——整个过程要灵活得多,”华纳解释道。 精心预备 回忆的早期阶段,华纳说IAC 27分计划和执行市场调查基准市场上不同种类的自主移动小车,确定最好的在课堂上:“自从我们是有效地建立一个新工厂,我们借此机会检查业务的方方面面。所以我们所有的后勤都升级了,我们所有的扭矩和角度控制都升级了就像我们从路虎获得的测序数据一样。我们还在行为、家务管理、领导技能等方面与人们进行了大量合作——这是一个完整的项目。 由于距离JLR工厂很近,几乎只有一堵墙那么厚,因此IAC能够实时响应正在行驶的新车辆。 沃纳说:“我们按照身体走向终点的顺序来做极速和探索运动。所以,在路虎,就在后墙的另一边,他们在尸体上盖章,喷在油漆车间里,然后把尸体送到我们称之为“塔”的地方。当尸体从塔身掉落到装饰线和终点线的起点时,我们会同时收到一个数据信号。 当接收到来自发射塔的数据信号时,它包含车辆的整个规范。此“出生证明书”是附在自动驾驶汽车上,以确认仪表盘、颜色、手(即左或右驾驶装置),以及无线电、卫星导航和暖通空调的选择。 “这也告诉我们轮胎,刹车,电击,门,“华纳说,“所以我们剔除所有的东西我们不希望,因为它是有趣的知道它是俄罗斯,例如,或者它有四轮驱动轮胎,我们不会做任何信息。” 由于优化的人机工程学,线路上的每个车站都被设计成可以让人类轻松地执行流程 工人互动 在新安排中解决的一个关键因素是从组装操作员的角度出发的物理设置,即他们如何与AGV上的控制台进行交互。 华纳说:“我们在人体工程学方面做了很多工作。高度和距离和我们之前的很相似但是我们实际上在这有一个AGV细胞在这条线建立和运行之前很久。我们让所有的人通过来检查高度和范围。正如你所知道的,ISO有很多关于最大覆盖范围和工作信封的指导方针,所以我们做了很多工作来对其进行微调。” 在这条线路的最后,进行了电气测试,正是在这些站点进行了更关键的人机工程学变化。测试连接器电缆现在被安排在抽屉效果中,这个想法是,测试人员可以拉出一个抽屉,并从顶部把它们全部拉进来,都在腰部高度。 ...