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  • Groupe PSA Poissy

    Groupe PSA creates Digital Factory


    France - The OEM has turned an area covering 3,000 sq.m at its Poissy plant into a digitalised centre. It hopes that the centre will allow it to bring resources and skills together in one place to support various departments, from manufacturing to customer experience. "The 3,000 sq.m renovation was ...

  • ThyssenKrupp Steel USA, LLC

    Foreign policy friction


    Tariffs on steel imports, NAFTA renegotiation and the return to sanctions on Iran have been at the centre of recent policy actions by the US president; the implications for the auto industry are potentially severe but how things will develop are far from clear. The decision to impose tariffs on ...

  • Mercedes-Benz EQC

    Lofty production plans


    AMS provides a summary of the latest electrification plans outlined by numerous OEMs across the world Barely a day goes by without a carmaker announcing the launch of a new electrified vehicle, or outlining projections for growth in the battery electric vehicle (BEV), hybrid or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle ...

  • Article

    PSA's Noël makes Malaysia move


    Noël will be based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - PSA has appointed Laurence Noël as senior vice president for ASEAN and CEO of the NAM joint venture. Noël joined Groupe PSA in 1995. After holding various positions within the company's powertrain projects and programmes, she took charge of Powertrain, ...

  • Opel Zaragoza Plant

    Opel Zaragoza plant hits milestone


    Spain - The 13-millionth car, an Opel Crossland X, has rolled off a production at the plant. Zaragoza is the company's biggest production facility in Europe, and has been in operation since 1982. "Our day to day focus is on how to get our customers the best product in the ...

  • Vauxhall Luton Plant - Vivaro Production, March 2016

    Groupe PSA invests in Luton plant


    UK - The OEM is readying for the launch of the new Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro, which is set to go on sale in 2019. In doing so, it has announced plans to invest in its Luton plant to expand production capacity from around 60,000 to 100,000 units. The company will also ...

  • PSA Trémery engine production copy

    PSA expands European facilities


    France - Like several other manufacturers, Groupe PSA is hoping to benefit from rising demand for electrified vehicles. To ensure it can meet this demand, the company has said that it will prepare its plant in Trémery, France, for the production of electric motors, which will start in 2019. A ...

  • New Grandland X assembly in Namibia

    Groupe PSA to open Namibia plant


    Namibia - The Grandland X and 3008 will be the first Opel and Peugeot models to be assembled at a new plant in Walvis Bay, Namibia. It will start operating during the second quarter of 2018 as part of a joint venture between the OEM and the Namibia Development Cooperation ...

  • Audi A4 production in Aurangabad, India

    A race for third place


    India’s vehicle sales are booming to the benefit of a handful of established manufacturers, but it’s still a tricky market for those on the sidelines Last year, India’s passenger vehicle market cracked 3m units for the first time, up 9% on 2016, according to data from Swedish analyst firm AID. ...

  • Naza Corporation NAM

    Groupe PSA to share ASEAN plant


    Malaysia - The French carmaker has signed a joint venture (JV) agreement with Naza Corporation Holdings - a Malaysian business conglomerate that operates in a variety of industries, from education to automotive. As part of this, the two companies will work together to operate the Naza Automotive Manufacturing (NAM) plant ...


    Zaragoza to run Corsa line


    Spain – Opel has announced that the next generation of Corsa model will be produced exclusively at the Zaragoza plant from 2019. The OEM also confirmed that, by 2020, the electric variant of sub-compact car will be produced at the Spanish factory. The move will make Zaragoza the first Groupe ...

  • PSA Vigo upgrade

    PSA upgrades Iberian plants


    PSA upgrades look to bring the Vigo plant into the Factory 4.0 era Spain/Portugal – PSA will introduce a fourth team in Vigo and a third in Mangualde to service production of the group's new line-up of leisure activity vehicles (LAV). The two plants in PSA’s the Iberian ...

  • Corvette Build at GM Bowling Green Assembly

    Standard bearers


    A current programme run by the International Automotive Task Force is looking to revise the technical specification IATF16949, the published standard informing quality management across the automotive industry worldwide The concept of quality management is now a well-established aspect of all forms of business. It essentially denotes implementing a ...

  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing France

    Europe: OEMs continue to invest


    We are barely a month into 2018 and Europe’s vehicle manufacturers continue to change their production geographies, investing in some factories and adjusting model allocations between others as they seek to optimise their assets. TMMF will upgrade its Valenciennes plant to produce TNGA based vehicles Toyota will invest 300m ...

  • PSA Mangualde

    PSA adds third team at Mangualde


    A third team will help Mangualde meet demand for the Peugeot Partner and Citroen Berlingo models Portugal - PSA will create a third production team at its Mangualde plant creating up to 225 jobs from April 2018. The decision to step up volume is a response to the growth ...

  • Vauxhall Ellesmere Port

    More job cuts at Ellesmere Port


    Vauxhall Motors has announced it is making a further 250 redundancies at its Ellesmere Port plant in the UK. The latest announcement comes on top of the 400 redundancies announced in October last year, at which point the carmaker also revealed plans to move Astra production at Ellesmere Port to ...

  • PSA Hordain

    PSA expands Hordain LCV team


    PSA LVC operations at Hordain, northern France France – Groupe PSA will introduce a fourth production team to its LVC operations at Hordain. The OEM says its decision has been prompted by strong demand for the Peugeot Expert and Citroën Jumpy (known as Dispatch in some markets), as well ...

  • Mercedes-Benz Werk Ludwigsfeld

    Commercial vitality


    European LCV production is a dynamic mix of rising volumes, electrification and new alliances In general, Europe’s light commercial vehicle (LCV) market is supplied by native manufacturers, with only two non-European brands, Nissan and Hyundai, having a production footprint of their own on the continent (Toyota sources the ProAce van ...

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    Commercial vitality


    European LCV production is a dynamic mix of rising volumes, electrification and new alliances In general, Europe’s light commercial vehicle (LCV) market is supplied by native manufacturers, with only two non-European brands, Nissan and Hyundai, having a production footprint of their own on the continent (Toyota sources the ProAce van ...

  • Hauzer Barcelona

    Bright work


    Coatings specialist Hauzer has developed a viable physical vapour deposition process for automotive parts The chrome electroplating process for vehicle parts is tried and tested; it’s durable and can be polished to a high shine but uses potentially harmful chemicals, notably chromium 6. A challenge to its use has arisen ...