Automotive manufacturers require the right automation partner to stay ahead of the competition. VAHLE provides power, data communication, absolute positioning, and control solutions to ensure manufacturers’ facilities are optimized for the greatest output with the least downtime.

Automation solutions for modern manufacturers

From powering carriers to communicating the carrier’s position on the assembly line, VAHLE systems help manufacturers at every stage of facility automation. Our mobile power solutions are flexible and robust, made to ensure automotive plants get the power they need, where they need it, without fear of breakdown. VAHLE conductor bar solutions meet a wide range of amperage requirements and compact space needs to provide power for electrified monorail system lines, test lines, transfer cars, and more. Our contactless power systems offer battery charging or direct power for AGVs with zero limits on travel speed, low maintenance, and a wide assortment of pick up units to meet any power requirements.

In addition to power, automotive production facilities need secure communication to ensure seamless production to get their products to market quickly. With VAHLE’s compact slotted microwave guide technologies, wireless data transmission can reach speeds up to 100 Mbps without interference. For increased automation capacity, intelligent conveyor systems in automotive plants is crucial. VAHLE’s vPOS solutions for absolute positioning offer accuracy down to +/-1 mm to enable plant managers comprehensive control over each conveyor in their assembly lines. Obtaining maximum output requires integrated systems and foolproof automation control.

With VAHLE’s vDRIVE systems, plant operators can integrate conductor bar, positioning, data communication, and controls into one solution for rail-guided vehicle applications to bring your process up to Industry 4.0 standards for full automation.

Support & service for utmost customer satisfaction

Third-party installation, support, and training can be costly, complicated, and labor intensive. VAHLE’s Technical Services team offers knowledgeable support for installations, commissioning, training, and more without adding an unnecessary extra layer of complication. Whether it’s at our offices or yours, VAHLE is proud to offer service and support to ensure the success of your project.


VAHLE is a world leading manufacturer of mobile electrification products with over 100 years of innovation and tradition. This expertise has evolved to include mobile data and communication systems, absolute positioning systems and control systems. VAHLE products are implemented around the world wherever safety, quality and reliability are top priorities.





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