Phoenix Contact


The automotive industry develops very fast and has to realize flexible and highly efficient manufacturing processes at the same time.

Phoenix Contact provides support in meeting these challenges – also along the value added chain – with innovative automation solutions: from the production process to the factory infrastructure right up to E-Mobility.

These solutions are based on a wide range of connection and automation technology. When combined in an intelligent way, our products become systems with a diverse range of application in the production sector. Our robust, open and consistent automation solutions constitute the prerequisites for an adaptable and platform-based production. Thanks to standardized interfaces, they can be integrated in already existing processes in a quick and easy way. We support you in doing so, offering many years of experience in this industry and a market-leading expertise.

Saving costs through intelligent networking

The digital age and the accompanying networking of machines has already started in many companies.

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of communicative automation solutions for an especially effective production – starting with the real-time visualization and evaluation of every process relevant for production and ending up with the automatic controlling of your system. They optimize the performance of your system communication significantly through short signal paths and wireless data transmission.

The intelligent networks record maintenance intervals and energy data in the machine park automatically, and also control the systems effectively and economically. This does not only save your energy and accompanying costs, it also protects the environment. High transmission speeds and fast process handling support our automation solutions. Network products and controllers from Phoenix Contact work with open IT standards and are used in different production areas, thanks to the independent program structures. This pays off during integration into your engineering processes and ensures fast product startups. Our versatile software products and services support your fast product startup.

Increase system efficiency through safety technology

Safety technology is of highest importance in the Automotive Industry, as it protects the operating personnel and avoids damage to the machine.

Phoenix Contact enables a particularly high availability of machines with its extensive portfolio, ranging from classical safety relays to network-compatible safety solutions. This increases your runtimes, for example through automatic maintenance intervals. Our comprehensive, certified services can help you to meet all requirements regarding the safety of your systems and to achieve even higher efficiency. One example from the range of measures is the separation of safety technology so that it is always prioritized. This leads to an especially high operating ratio and very low downtimes. Due to open standards, all products are particularly easy to configure and integrate into your automation process – as a result, you benefit from a faster and more effective implementation of safety-relevant applications.

Company information

Phoenix Contact is a worldwide market leader for components, systems, and solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation.

The family-owned company currently employs approximately 15,000 people worldwide and achieved a turnover of 1.97 billion euros in 2016. The company headquarters are in Blomberg, Germany.

The Phoenix Contact Group includes fourteen companies in Germany and more than 50 independent sales subsidiaries worldwide. The company’s international presence is further strengthened by more than 40 subsidiaries in Europe and abroad.

As a technology driver and a member of numerous associations, we provide market-leading solutions and thus lay the foundation for advanced technology. Inspiring industry solutions are created as a result of industry expertise, many years of experience, and consideration of individual requirements.