Industry 4.0: Moving from Paper Labels to Smart Containers

From the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to Industry 4.0 — manufacturing is changing, rapidly. Outdated material flow systems managed with paper labels can no longer keep up with the process speed and efficiencies required in today’s dynamic manufacturing environments.

What’s required for next generation material flow systems? Optimal flexibility, machine-to-material wireless communication and dynamic visual cues for workers – without completely re-engineering processes or re-training operators and staff.

There are literally millions of containers, carts and sub-assemblies flowing through factories around the world e every single day – most of them with a paper label affixed to them containing information or instructions for operators about the container contents or what to do with these contents.

For more than 40 years this manual process has been used – even though the overall manufacturing requirements and complexities of the products that you produce every day have evolved significantly.

Finally, there is an intelligent, cost effective solution – Omni-ID’s ProVIEW. This complete hardware and software solution is the first truly paperless system based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). ProVIEW is a simple solution to the most common cause of inefficiency in the factory – material flow management.

The first truly paperless system based on the IIoT



By replacing paper labels with a wirelessly updateable e-paper View tag solution there is end to end visibility into your process, while being able to dynamically change your work flow or build instructions immediately.

Manage pick, replenishment and container flow with one system

Built to meet the demands of a dynamic manufacturing environment

Whether used as a standalone solution or integrated with your existing MES, ProVIEW has been designed to specifically address your material flow management including; picking, parts replenishment, container management and work instructions through the same system. Omni-ID’s ProVIEW Solution is currently operating in many of the top automobile manufacturing facilities replacing paper labels on production lines worldwide.





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