Mitsubishi Electric



Delivering today’s factory automation solutions

Achieving the highest levels of productivity and quality are the main goals for any automotive production line today.

An automation vendor must respond to these essential requirements by providing solutions that maximise uptime, optimise efficiency and guarantee availability.

At Mitsubishi Electric, we’ve been a trusted partner to the automotive manufacturing industry for decades, and have long delivered on the promise of meeting the essentials. We work closely with the industry to help address current and new challenges. This includes the increased flexibility needed to build from extensive options lists that make each vehicle unique, while also incorporating new powertrain technology, assembly processes and materials.

We are providing the control technology to enable this unprecedented level of flexibility – enabling cost-effective production, with the capability for mass customisation, and with maximum availability.

It’s effectively “batch size one” manufacturing, which is a key driver in the increasing process of digital transformation. Mitsubishi Electric understands these challenges implicitly, and is working closely with the automotive assembly industry and its key manufacturing suppliers to address them.

With a proven track record of working with the world’s most successful OEMs and tier one component suppliers, Mitsubishi Electric is also at the forefront of development in terms of introducing innovation and new technology.

In terms of reliability, our reputation for quality and longevity has seen Mitsubishi Electric achieve and maintain its position as the number one global supplier of PLCs by volume. Our PLC platforms operate seamlessly with multiple CPUs adding motion, safety, CNC and robot control to the likes of human guided operator solutions to take quality management to the next level.