percentage of business automotive –

90%main automotive customers –

Audi, BMW, Ford, Nissan, Porsche…

annual turnover –

8-10 Mio.€ and increasing

location of services –

Europe, North and South America, China


We teach robots not only to see

Robotic and Machine Vision as technologies and their successful impact on automobile production fascinate us. Since 1997, we supply leading automotive OEMs in Europe, Asia, North & South America with automation solutions developed to meet their needs. In 2012 inos got a member of the internationally positioned Grenzebach Group. Our intensive cooperation with the OEM, their equipment and cell manufacturers pushes innovation. Together with our partners we develop solutions to create productionappropriate, operational and highly available automation systems.

G-Guide Best-Fit sets standard for robot guided assembly of hangings and closures in the body shop

The inos G-Guide (High Precision Fitting) is used worldwide for fast, high precision assembly and final assembly of glass screens, glass modules, cockpits and front-end modules. It is globally also in use for fast, high precision fitting in manufacturing and hanging lines for doors, hoods, fenders and roofs. For assembling parts and modules, the 3D location of the part must be determined and corrected before picking up for insertion. Subsequently the part or module is positioned and corrected to the car body opening or feature. Following is a 3D correction according to a Best-Fit strategy, which considers the individual guidelines of the OEM. The joining process continues by fastening bolts or welding hinges between the body and the closure or weld along the roof ditch, to achieve a sub-millimeter accuracy. In glass insertion this is carried out via bolt fastening or gluing, in such a way that the measurement of a sub-millimeter exact result is achieved. In all applications the final quality measurement result is recorded and stored.

G-Gauge – Absolute measurement of features in the body shop and in final assembly

Besides the usual measurement of gap and flush in the body shop and in final assembly there are multiple applications, where sensors measure features in absolute car coordinates. This should not only be done by means of statistical sampling with a CMM, but 100% of any car body.

inos offers the complete absolute inline measurement equipment, which provides accurate results within a few seconds of up to 100 measuring points on a single car body.

G-Verify – Absence and Presence check & Component detection

Inspection tasks from simple to complex can be handled thanks to the scalable inos G-Verify systems by means of a unique approach. inos completely focuses on PC-based image processing. The PC hardware can be scaled according to the requirements. Also the installation of the inos Software on the already existing PCs in an installation is an option. By the use of standard Gigabit Ethernet cameras in the inos G-Sens and G-DSN sensors solutions with single or multiple sensors can be realized. Depending on the task, the resolution can vary from 1 – 10 Mega Pixels. It is possible to use black-white cameras color cameras too. Even integration of sensors of Third Party suppliers into the inos G-Verify systems is possible.







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