Chemetall is the Surface Treatment brand of the Coatings division of BASF.

Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the core competence of the global business unit is the chemical treatment of metal surfaces.

Chemetall’s metal pretreatment technology can be found in every second  car. It is essential as it affords long-termcorrosion protection and ensures optimal paint adhesion. Chemetall technologies are also developed for cleaning, conversion coating, cooling, activating and passivating, and facilitating the forming and treatment of metals. Also part of the portfolio are products for Non-Destructive Testing. For the automotive industry, the portfolio includes inter alia the eco-friendly, multimetal thin-film technology Oxsilan® or the broad range of highly efficient and eco-friendly cleaner technologies Gardoclean®.

The pre-treatment of substrates processed into automotive bodies and construction materials plays a key role in corrosion protection, thus extending substrate life and performance. Many industries increasingly use more demanding mixed substrates like aluminum and plastics. Chemetall provides customers all around the world with leading technologies and extensive expertise in surface treatment. The BASF brand also offers advanced and eco-friendly surface treatment technologies for automotive components. Whether for steel or aluminum wheels, bumpers, plastic fascia or diesel injection systems: the portfolio includes high-performance pretreatment technologies for all substrates and the components manufactured from these materials.

10 million cars treated with Oxsilan®

Chemetall was the first company to introduce a multi-metal thin-film technology on the market – long before most of the current developments had taken place. Now, Oxsilan® represents a proven alternative – comparable in terms of quality to zinc-phosphating or chromating processes. Almost 10 million cars on the road today have been treated with Oxsilan® since its introduction.

This thin-film technology clearly shows advancements in terms of higher productivity and multi-metal capability, resulting in considerably lower process costs.

In 2018, Chemetall launched a full production of its Oxsilan® thin-film pretreatment at the GM Orion Assembly plant in Lake Orion, Michigan. The Chevrolet Sonic and Chevrolet Bolt EV are manufactured there, representing 62,000 units per year for GM. Oxsilan® is today’s thin-film technology of choice.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment of metal involves the creation of a barrier that acts like a wall protecting the metal in a corrosive environment like changes in temperatures, humidity in cavities or road salt. For effective paint adhesion and corrosion protection like it is required in the Automotive market, the substrate surface must be initially clean, conditioned and chemically receptive to subsequent applications. The basic methods of surface treatment comprise solvent or aqueous cleaning, abrasion and chemical surface modification to promote adhesion as well as effective performance of the following applications and are multi-stage: In the first step, contaminants like grease, dirt, dust or oxide caused by air corrosion are removed from the surface. In addition to interfering with the desired results of adherence and corrosion protection, these soils would make chemical surface modification ineffective.

After the application of conversion coatings, the surface is cleaned, rinsed with water and – in certain cases – oven-dried in preparation for the following coating.

The purpose of the conversion layer is to increase surface resistance against corrosion and to prepare it for subsequent coating.

This type of treatment is usually known as the metal pretreatment prior to paint and enables perfect protection and flawless coatings. Chemetall’s product range, chemical management systems, process equipment and service programs fulfill these processing needs.

Solution-oriented partner

Chemetall and its predecessor organization has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying state-of-the art specialty chemical products since 1889. The ISO 9001:2008 certified company offers a wide spectrum of tailored products and systems to provide all steps of pretreatment needed for perfect surfaces and applications. The worldwide activities are focused on the development and implementation of customized technology and system solutions. Chemetall is familiar with the most diverse industries and most varied markets.

As a premium supplier, the role of the Surface Treatment global business unit of the Coatings division of BASF is that of a solution-oriented partner for our customers’ projects. They benefit from a decade long experience gained from very diverse industry sectors and markets. To meet the demands of each customer Chemetall first analyzes the individual process and related requirements to develop an ideal and efficient technical solution.

The understanding of the customer requirements and processes combined with an extensive market expertise enables Chemetall to offer tailor-made solutions.

Proven in-depth processes, successful solution approaches for the most varied markets and a longstanding market expertise for success – this is the Chemetall Plus! Global brands as have proven to be successful in countless of applications and will continue to do so. Check the experienced technologies and solutions on the website to grow your own business successfully.





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