Ensuring global productivity 

As a system integrator for state-of-theart robotized production systems for joining processes, the Dutch company AWL has grown into a global partner for its customers. With facilities in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, China, Mexico and the United States, AWL is able to support their customers anywhere in the world.

AWL has been employing its expertise for more than 50 years. Today it is a privately owned company with over 700 employees worldwide. AWL is seen as one of the leading machine builders and system integrators of laser, arc and resistance welding. In addition to welding, AWL increasingly adds other technologies such as adhesive bonding, logistics & handling, Vision and quality control. All disciplines are represented within the organization. The company focuses on both the automotive and general industry where high production volumes and high levels of automation are essential.

Complete solutions, worldwide

With a high level of expertise in the design and build of automated equipment and welding systems, AWL has the ability to provide complete solutions, from concept to detail engineering and from building the machine to excellent service. The company is able to provide its customers with high-end automated welding equipment and production lines.

Challenges for the future

AWL’s challenges for the coming years are: higher machine output, integrating new complex joining methods, real-time performance data, quick changeover times, joining lightweight materials, offering flexibility and standardization by modular design, integrating Vision and complex handling systems in their machines and meeting the future requirements for sophisticated controls and robot technologies. AWL is continuously developing and offering solutions in these challenges.




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