Global company. Most major automakers around the world are already taking advantage of Starline Track Busway

Starline Track Busway offers more than 60 million different combinations of plugin units

Starline produces close to 2 kilometers of busway runs every day


Founded in 1983, Advantech’s IIoT group offers highly reliable solutions for a wide range of test stand and automotive component testing applications. Product offerings include a full range of industrial computers, high-performance instrument cards, portable USB Data Acquisition Modules, palm-sized Data Acquisition Computers, a full line of PCIE/PCI Data Acquisition cards, IoT Gateways, sensors, and wireless I/O.

Advantech’s new generation of instrument cards can provide either a 500- MHz data acquisition rate or 24-bit ultrahigh resolution measurement functions.

The 24-bit ultra-high resolution card can be used to measure subtle vibrations and sound frequencies via integrated sensors to provide accurate data for producing vehicle safety-related precision parts, such as gearboxes and engines. Furthermore, both cards possess analog signal trigger functions, essential for routine machine inspections and real-time data acquisition which significantly shorten the signal analysis period.

Advantech’s portable USB DAQ modules are compact, easy to carry, and feature a USB plug-and-play interface. With just a notebook computer, production line engineers can collect data from each workstation at any time. The process is fast and convenient and not constrained by environment. During product design validation, the module can also be used as secondary measurement equipment to enhance the accuracy of test measurements.

Advantech’s palm-sized DAQ computers feature a built-in terminal block which enables direct connection with the sensor signal line to save space and eliminate some wiring. Anti-vibration and anti-dirt features maintain system stability even in harsh environments. Moreover, multiple I/O channels can be used to upload machine information to the Cloud via the Ethernet port for remote monitoring.

Advantech’s digital and analog I/O solutions in both PCIE and PCI interface formats, can support many of the sensors and platforms used in manufacturing and testing automobile parts. Regarding digital I/O cards, Advantech provides complete solutions that range from TTL, isolated signal circuits, to relay modules, with a variable number of signal channels (16 to 128). The analog I/O series provides acquisition modules with up to 32 channels. Synchronous cards with a 500MHz sampling rate and multifunction cards with digital I/O provide reliable data acquisition capabilities for diverse applications, such as high-pressure cylinder testing for airbag inflation.

With over 17,000 products, Advantech offers multiple solutions for all your automotive needs. Furthermore, with over 80 locations in 22 countries, their global presence provides reliable local services. Wherever you are in the world, Advantech will be quick to offer individual consultation and support, comprehensive technical services, and quick repairs.




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