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    Register: Lightweighting next-gen vehicles livestream – Low weight, high production efficiency


    Join the next AMS livestream as we investigate the approaches, digital tools and strategies that OEMs and tier suppliers are using optimise the choice of materials and create lightweight vehicle architectures.

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    Watch: Factory of the future Livestream – The software-defined assembly line


    As automotive OEMs digitalise and connect factories, hear how the Audi Production Lab, ABB and Cosmotech are using real-time data, smart software and advanced automation to reshape vehicle production processes.

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    80% aluminium throughput: Chemetall’s competence in car body pre-treatment


    The ongoing drive to reduce vehicle weight is seeing an increasing percentage of aluminium being used in car bodies. In the context of this lightweighting challenge, an ambitious joint effort by Chemetall and Porsche has achieved a targeted share of 80% aluminium throughput in a phosphating pre-treatment plant

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    White Paper: Electric & Lightweight - The future for electric vehicle battery assembly solutions


    Spearheading innovation in electromobility, Atlas Copco’s new whitepaper “Electric & Lightweight - The future for electric vehicle battery assembly solutions”, showcases its advances in safe and secure joining technology with 100% repeatable accuracy, traceability and error-proofing.

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    Power is nothing without control


    Chassis components keep the wheels from falling off the EV revolution. Illya Verpraet found out how Gestamp is managing the change with material and quality control innovation

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    NVH reduction for electric vehicle interiors


    Brian Pour, president and CEO of Auria Solutions, identifies the increasing importance of electric vehicles as a major factor influencing the development of vehicle interiors and one that will pick up even more pace given recent political change. Mike Farish reports

  • The company says this new architecture has been designed specifically to accommodate new hybrid powertrains and will underpin the next generation of hybrid models

    New lightweight EV architecture for McLaren


    The supercar manufacturer has introduced an all-new, flexible, lightweight vehicle architecture which will underpin its next generation of electrified supercars

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    Smart steel solutions for BEV body-in-white


    As the automotive manufacturing industry adapts during fast-changing times, steel has a major role to play

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    Nissan material specialists explore lightweight NVH technology


    Continuing its meta-material projects, the OEM has developed an acoustic barrier innovation that is 75% lighter than conventional sound insulation materials

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    Steelmakers keen to press home the BEV advantage


    Throughout the age of the mass-produced automobile, steel has been the principal material of choice for vehicle structures. Will it maintain its dominance as carmakers pursue new mobility concepts?

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    Worth its metal


    Aluminium welding requires special care but an understanding of the process helps suppliers to make good choices, writes Lincoln Electric’s Raheel Khan

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    Weight out, strength in


    A strategic alliance between Henkel and RLE International is exploring the lightweighting innovations available when combining expertise in structural foam technology and engineering design. David Caro and Tobias Wigand describe the findings

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    Carbon composite footprint


    EV development has made lightweighting vehicle structures a priority. James Bakewell reports on the increased role for carbon fibre-reinforced plastics


    Steel stays the distance


    SSAB’s Thomas Müller explains how new high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels can assist OEMs in cost-effectively improving the range of electric vehicles

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    Out now: AMS May-June issue...


    AMS May June 2019 The May-June issue of AMS is out now, and includes… Ford – A new alliance with Volkswagen, a pick-up offensive in the US and plans for electrification – AMS provides an overview of the Ford’s ...

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    Real clean steel


    With vehicle-makers and tier suppliers wanting greater performance from less material weight, Ovako’s engineering steels seem a good fit. Nick Holt visits its production facility at Hofors in Sweden to find out more

  • 3D printing with metal materials: First spare part of the partner pilot project "NextGenAM", from Daimler, Premium AEROTEC and EOS, the retainer of the truck diesel engine.

    Daimler develops 3D printing line


    Germany - Since May 2017, Daimler has been working with Premium Areotec and EOS to develop a production line that would be able to produce aluminium components by using 3D printing. The companies found that manufacturing costs can be reduced by approximately 50% when compared to existing 3D printing systems. ...

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    Design for life


    As governments set higher requirements on CO2 emissions, fuel economy and production, Docol advanced high-strength steel is helping auto designers to maximise their designs Future-proofing can be explained as the systematic anticipation of the future, and the design of business processes that can adapt to those anticipated changes. As ...

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    Steel safety net


    ArcelorMittal’s patented ablation technology is favoured by OEMs across the world for its suitability in safety-critical applications ArcelorMittal’s patented partial ablation technology was developed to ensure that hot-stamped laser-welded blanks (LWBs), made from the latest press-hardenable steels (PHS), are as safe as possible. Although it was ...

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    High performance for next-gen at NIO


    Lightweighting, multi-metal compatibility and a focus on aluminium substrates is how thin-film, pretreatment technologies fulfil the requirements for NIO’s next generation of electric vehicles With its advanced thin-film Oxsilan technology, the Surface Treatment global business unit of BASF’s coatings division operating under the Chemetall brand, ensures a perfect surface ...