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    Super colour vision


    The latest technologies, including 3D dirt detection, can significantly improve the efficacy of colour identification in a range of automotive production applications At first glance, colour appears to be a fairly straightforward concept. However, when it comes to checking and measurement, it rapidly becomes a complex entity that demands ...

  • EMAG

    Supplying South America


    Our special regional edition , the first in a series, contains insights from industry experts with a significant presence in South America: Comau , Schenck RoTec , Geico Taikisha , Siemens , Kuka , Carl Zeiss and EMAG . Now available online in four languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish ...

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    South America special issue


    The first in our series of regional supplements covering the most important automotive markets in the world is now available online in four languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. This special edition provides in-depth information about the activities of key OEMs and tier suppliers in South America, and how ...

  • Francisco Maciel

    Faurecia Interiors: Staying in shape


    While vehicle production volumes are on an upward trajectory in South America, interiors remain relatively simple, says Francisco Maciel, regional vice-president for Faurecia Interior Systems Joanne Perry (JP): How important is South America as a production location for Faurecia Interior Systems? Francisco Maciel (FM): South America represents 6% ...

  • Malagrine

    Competitively commercial


    As Mercedes-Benz earmarks $1bn for its CV operations in Brazil, AMS tours final assembly at the S ão Bernardo do Campo plant, which plays a part in producing the entire Latin American truck line-up “Today, Brazil is the most important sales market for our trucks worldwide,” said Stefan Buchner, ...

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    Manmade in Modena


    As Maserati volumes grow, its old plant in north Italy is still using traditional means to make modern cars Maserati’s factory at Modena, northern Italy, is one of the oldest in the country and one of the most traditional in terms of its assembly; and yet it is also home ...

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    Magna to expand Trnava Interiors Plant


    Slovakia – The manufacturing facility will nearly double in size to more than 15,500 sq.m, supporting its production of interior components such as door panels, instrument panels and armrests for various global vehicle-makers. Ralf Link, general manager of Magna Interiors Trnava, said the expansion was “proof that we are ...

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    Expanding interiors in China


    Increased vehicle production in China has led suppliers to stengthen their presence there too, with the enouragement of the OEMs The rapid growth of Chinese production by global vehicle manufacturers has been one of the most notable trends in the automotive industry in recent years; for example, Volkswagen has opened ...

  • Magna International Inc MMLV

    Multi-material, lightweight car concept unveiled


    US – The project by Ford and Magna International, which was co-funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE), used advanced material solutions to achieve a weight saving of almost 25% compared with the industry standard.The multi-material, lightweight vehicle (MMLV) concept is based on the production version of a 2013 ...

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    Investing in Ingolstadt


    The Audi production complex will complete a €1 billion upgrade by the end of next year; AMS takes a look Audi’s headquarters at Ingolstadt, north of Munich, is much more than an administrative, technical and manufacturing hub these days. The usable area of the site covers 2.1m sq. m ...

  • SSAB

    Absorbing competition


    Lightweighting is driving continuous improvement in all materials, but especially steelLighter weight equals less power equals lower carbon emissions. The equation is simple and the quest to find ever-lighter materials for use in automotive production is unending. Aluminium is a lot lighter, plastics are both lighter and easier to form ...

  • Magna

    Magna and Chongquing Trim form JV


    China – The 50:50 partnership between Magna Exteriors and Chongquing Guangneng Rongneng Trim, called Magna Guangneng Automotive Trim System (Hangzhou), will supply the Chinese automotive market through a greenfield facility that will assemble and sequence front-end modules (FEMs). Joe Pittel, global president at Magna Exteriors, Interiors and Seating, ...

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    Hyundai Motor India


    AMS visited the company’s impressively modern facilities in Chennai, where petrol and diesel engines can be manufactured on the same lineHyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is the second largest automotive manufacturer in India, established in 1996 by the Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) of South Korea when the Hyundai brand was ...

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    Turning painting green


    The BMW Brilliance Tiexi plant in China is leading the way towards more environmentally friendly paintshops ' Best-in-class technology ' ' The most sustainable plant in China ' Developing key workforce competencies New standards & future plans "The world’s most environmentally friendly paintshop” is currently being ramped up towards full ...

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    Ditching the dirt at Ford


    A European innovation which has been rolled out at Ford plants in the US European origins, American implementation Processing power & performance Almost every freshly painted surface on a vehicle will attract airborne contaminants; tiny particles of dust will stick to the wet paint and, as it dries, ...

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    UV cure at Fehst


    Ralf Wassermann, responsible for technical sales at Sprimag, discusses the company’s all-new UV coating system Three-axis coating machine Conveying & positioning Although UV coating processes have been around for some time, there are still manufacturing companies that have reservations about the technique. However, there has been a recent exception to ...

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    Mass is the driver for composites


    Though tooling costs and shorter production runs bring advantages, reduced mass is pushing development Compared to steel or aluminium body structures the number one advantage of composites is mass reduction. “That is really the single most important driving factor that is leading to the drive to include more composites,” says ...

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    True to form for IAC


    Ford’s new compact MPV’s architecture is unique and required a high-quality cockpit solution. Simon Duval Smith travelled to Romania for the launch of an exciting new moulding process at supplier IAC The B-Max features 1.5 metres of unobstructed access to the cabin, its central body pillar uniquely integrated into the ...

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    Plastics evolution


    Lightweight and strong, plastic composites are increasingly used in automotive manufacturing but is Henry Ford’s all-plastic car concept coming any nearer to reality, asks Malcolm WheatleyLocated in a leafy suburb of the Canadian capital of Ottawa, the country’s National Research Council (NRC) is one of the world’s premier scientific and ...

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    Digital comes to life


    Steed Webzell reviews advanced digital reality technologies available for automotive manufacturers looking to expedite product development For modern automotive manufacturers who must deliver high levels of innovation and flexibility in shorter cycles at the lowest cost and highest quality, digital manufacturing tools present a significant opportunity to improve productivity, streamline ...