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  • Artist rendering of the FC stack production building within the Honsha Plant premises

    Toyota to build fuel cell facilities


    Japan - The OEM has revealed plans to construct a new building next to its Honsha Plant in Toyota City for the production of fuel cell stacks. Work on the exterior has already been completed, with the facility covering an area of 70,000 sq.m, and work on the interior is ...

  • smart fortwo production at Hambach

    Mercedes prepares plant for electric EQ


    France - Mercedes-Benz has announced that its Hambach plant will produce a new compact electric car under the EQ brand - it's electric vehicle (EV) family. In order to ready the facility, a total of €500m (US$588.14m) will be spent on a new body shop and surface treatment system, while ...

  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class Magna Steyr Austria

    G-Class production starts in Austria


    Austria - Production of the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class has begun at the Magna Steyr plant in Graz, Austria. It made its global debut at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show in January. "With the model change the new G-Class experienced the biggest transformation in its 39 years-old history," explained Gunnar Güthenke, ...

  • Lynk & Co 01

    The newest link in a growing chain


    Geely intends to leverage its ownership of Volvo to develop and manufacture Lynk & Co models, and introduce a new approach to sales and service. Report by Ian HenryThe new Chinese brand Lynk & Co made a big splash very quickly. When its first model, the 01, went on sale ...

  • Audi R8 Spyder Produktion

    Transformation pressure on the automotive industry


    Audi has resolutely turned to the concept of the smart factory. But how does this profound transition work exactly? What role are humans playing in the process? Are suppliers ready to meet the new demands of the OEMs? The entire industry has to make crucial decisions on its future course, ...

  • Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL; X253; 2017

    Closer to commercialisation


    Fuel-cell electric vehicles have lagged behind other EVs, but upcoming models could help that to change Everyone involved in hydrogen fuel cell development is probably tired of hearing the same old joke: large-scale adoption is a decade away, and always will be. David Hart, a director at sustainable energy consultancy ...

  • Daimler Factory 56

    Forging a future in Factory 56


    New car manufacturing facilities will need to be highly flexible as the trends of vehicle electrification and autonomous driving continue to evolve. Mercedes-Benz futuristic ‘Factory 56’ paves a new path. 

  • Generation EQ

    Smarter EV production


    As it launches ‘electric intelligence’ models, Mercedes-Benz is also adapting its factories for flexible production At first there was some confusion over what Mercedes-Benz meant when it announced that it was creating an ‘EQ’ division. Was it to be a line-up of cars which would directly challenge BMW’s i models, ...

  • Mark Hernandez Navistar

    Navistar appoints manufacturing head


    US - Mark Hernandez has been named senior vice president of global manufacturing at Navistar. He was previously a practice expert in lean production for commercial vehicles at McKinsey and Company, and has also been general manager of the Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) plant in Mount Holly, North Carolina, ...

  • HBPO Vaihingen copy

    HBPO breaks ground on Vaihingen plant


    Germany - The company, which designs and assembles front-end modules for a long list of OEMs, has started building a new plant near Stuttgart. Initial production is expected to start in autumn 2018. According to HBPO's CEO Martin Schüler, the facility is strategically located. "We will be situated in an ...

  • Mercedes-Benz do Brazil truck production Atego 2730

    Mercedes-Benz do Brazil gets new line


    Brazil - A building has been constructed at the company’s plant in Sao Bernardo do Campo to house a new production line for light- and heavy-duty trucks. The project lasted for three years and cost a total of €125m (US$153.83m). According to the OEM, the line is 15% more efficient ...

  • C-Class at Beijing Benz Automotive (BBAC) in China

    Daimler expands China production


    Beijing - An investment of over 11.9 billion yuan (US$1.89 billion) will be used to expand Mercedes-Benz vehicle production in the country. A BAIC production facility located in the city's Shunyi district will be transferred to Beijing Benz Automotive Co. (BBAC), which is a joint venture (JV) between Daimler and ...

  • Corvette Build at GM Bowling Green Assembly

    Regulamento de qualidade


    Um programa atual executado pela International Automotive Task Force procura revisar a especificação técnica IATF16949, o padrão publicado que informa a gestão da qualidade na indústria automotiva mundial O conceito de gestão de qualidade é agora um aspecto bem estabelecido em todos os modelos de negócios. Ele basicamente denota ...

  • Till Oberwörder named as new head of Daimler Buses

    Till Oberwörder takes the reins at Daimler Buses


    Till Oberwörder will become the new Head of Daimler Buses and CEO of EvoBus as of 1 April 2018. He takes over from Hartmut Schick, who will now be responsible for Daimler Trucks Asia. “Daimler Buses division is in the best hands with Till Oberwörder," commented Martin Daum, Member of ...

  • Corvette Build at GM Bowling Green Assembly

    La regulación de la calidad


    Un programa de la Fuerza internacional de tareas de la industria automotriz (IATF) pretende revisar la especificación técnica IATF16949, un estándar sobre la gestión de calidad en la industria automotriz internacional El concepto de gestión de la calidad es ya un aspecto establecido en todos los modelos de negocio. ...

  • diesel engine

    The final death throes of diesel?


    Not so long ago, European consumers were encouraged, with government approval and lower fuel duty, to switch to diesel for their lower CO2 emissions compared to petrol engines. Vehicle companies needed diesel to reach key thresholds in their fuel mix to meet corporate emissions targets which could not be met ...

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    国际汽车特别工作组 目前项目的工作目标是修订全球汽车业资讯质量管理标准 — IATF16949 的技术规范 目前,各行各业的质量管理概念都已经相当成熟、完备。这些概念被书写成册,各公司按照上面成熟的流程和系统实行,保证工厂内的连贯生产、标准执行,最终实现可靠地产品性能。其中最有名的当属国际标准化组织(International Standards Organisation)出版的ISO 9001。 虽然这个标准覆盖面非常广,而且其初衷是为了适应所有行业,但是对汽车业来说还是不够,因为行业里的各种复杂因素盘根错节、相互作用 — 远远不止于管理供应链长度、操作复杂的生产线,遵守不断严苛的环境法规,以及满足客户对产品安全性的要求,这个行业就是这么独特。因此,汽车业,或者更准确的说是大型制造商不仅要自我定义这些标准,而且要对供应链提出要求 — 这就要量身打造质量管理系统,或者使用一个混合系统,即在ISO9001基础上补充更加具体的汽车业要求。 上述第二种方法被国际汽车特别工作组(IATF)一直沿用,这个组织建于20世纪90年代,现在有9个大型制造商组成,包括宝马(BMW),大众(VW),戴姆勒(Daimler),通用汽车(GM),菲亚特克莱斯勒(FCA),菲亚特克莱斯勒意大利(FCA Italy),福特(Ford),标致雪铁龙(PSA)以及雷诺(Renault)。这个组织成立之初的目的就在于建立尽可能统一的全球质量管理系统,即综合ISO9001与具体的汽车业相关技术规范ISO/TS16949 — 这个系统大约从2002年开始生效。 但是时至今日,IATF已经修订规范有一年多的时间了,形成名为IATF16949:2016的规范,其目标是进一步深化质量全球汽车业管理目标,及综合性、统一性和一致性的目标。综合了官方ISO标准之后,就能覆盖机构质量管理流程,也就是说行业可以将通过一个机构将客户的要求体现在产品中,最终满足客户的需求。为了这个目标,这个规范通过规划、实行和检测这种循环,解决了环境、领导、规划、支持和操作等问题 — 也就是设计、开发和制造。 整个规划是在全球5个地方协调进行的,这些地方包括英国的伯明翰(这里是英国汽车制造业的传统核心地带,各种事务有英国汽车制造商协会操作)、美国、德国、法国和意大利,行政机构分别由密歇根州的IAOB,柏林的VDA-QMC,法国的IATF(在Suresnes Cedex)和都灵和ANFIA负责。尽管最初的TS16949规范于2009年进行修订,新版规范覆盖面更加庞大,但是基本概念仍然需要不断更新。 通用肯塔基Bowling Green工厂的一名工人在装配Chevrolet Corvette Stingray的时候取下发动机托架 这里涉及很多因素。新版TS16949规范的最初动力是要在2015年修改ISO9001,通过ISO实现多个目标,这些目标包括: *提供与其他ISO管理标准相同的“高水平体系”,这样公司就能更加容易地使用多种管理系统,比如环境问题或卫生安全问题。*“风险为导向的思考”不断突出*对领导力的不断强调*使用简化语言*高效解决供应链问题 同样,IATF自己的文件需要更改,这样双方能够继续融合,互补。但是这也为IAFT提供机会,重新起草TS916949,提现更多的汽车业特点。 其中一个特点是,新版规范尽可能地在文件中提现“客户特殊”要求,这些要求过去是由制造商自己制定,或者直接推给供应商,这是行业普遍存在的事实。而新的规范则最大限度地扩大实践,而其流程在整个行业全面铺开,同时也不需要取消特定供应链的客户化要求的可能性。不断提高普通程序的领域通常会被认为存在“流程变更”。 另外一个特点突出反映了车辆开发过程中涉及到的软件 — 这个规范现在提供了软件开发过程中的质量保证。同时,其他要点包括产品安全领域、担保和现场反馈。在更深的层次上来说,虽然整个规划暗示了,一个行业根据全球公司的经营而体现越来越多的特点,因而需要制动全球认证的程序要求,提供分散供应链所需的必要信任。 目前,尽管距离临界点的时间非常紧迫,但所有的机构都需要调整遵守新的规范,并获得证书。这个关键性的日起就是2018年9月14日。到了那个时候,ISO/TS16949和2008年版本ISO9001都会失效,IATF成员公司和供应链中那些制造零部件的所有公司都会受到影响。此后,所有机构内的公司都需要取得最新版ISO9001和IATF16494:2016证书。 全球有69,000个这样的机构必须要获得证书,而43个公认的认证机构从去年初九开始加班加点完成评估工作。整个规划在全球范围实行的过程中,认证机构包括American Systems Registrar, Lloyds Register Quality Assurance, Korean Standards Institution, China Jiuding Automotive Supplier ...

  • Corvette Build at GM Bowling Green Assembly

    Standard bearers


    A current programme run by the International Automotive Task Force is looking to revise the technical specification IATF16949, the published standard informing quality management across the automotive industry worldwide The concept of quality management is now a well-established aspect of all forms of business. It essentially denotes implementing a ...

  • Mercedes-Benz Werk Ludwigsfeld

    Vitalidade comercial


    A produção europeia de VCL é uma mistura dinâmica de volumes crescentes, eletrificação e novas alianças Em geral, o mercado de veículos comerciais ligeiros da Europa (VCL) é abastecido por fabricantes nativos, com apenas duas marcas não europeias, Nissan e Hyundai, com uma pegada de produção própria no continente (Toyota ...

  • Mercedes-Benz Werk Ludwigsfeld

    Vitalidad comercial


    La producción europea de pequeños vehículos comerciales es una combinación dinámica de volúmenes en aumento, electrificación y nuevas alianzas Por lo general, el mercado de pequeños vehículos comerciales en Europa es suministrado por los fabricantes locales, con solo dos marcas no europeas, Nissan y Hyundai, que tienen una huella de ...